Digital Accessibility Certification

Renderings of the three badges (Basics, Webmaster/Application Developer, and Video Creator) with the disclaimer that they are only renderings, not the actual badges.The NYC DOE offers three types of certification for NYC DOE staff: “Digital Accessibility Basics for All Staff”, “Digital Accessibility for Webmasters and Application Developers”, and “Digital Accessibility for Video Creators”. All Webmasters are required to complete BOTH the “Digital Accessibility Basics” and “Digital Accessibility for Webmasters and Application Developers” certifications.

NYC DOE staff can access the classes via WeLearn, to ensure they get the classes for free. Details on how to do that–and who to reach out to with access issues–can be found on the InfoHub’s On-Demand Digital Accessibility Courses employee page (i.e. you’ll need to be signed into the employee side of the InfoHub for the link to work).

Digital Accessibility Basics for All Staff (close to 3.5 hours)

Staff who have earned this certificate have completed–and passed–the following classes on

  1. Introduction to Digital Accessibility (20 minutes)
  2. Formatting for Digital Accessibility (20 minutes)
  3. Using Screen Readers (26 minutes)
  4. Color Contrast (31 minutes)
  5. The Art of Alt Text (13 minutes)
  6. The Science of Alt Text (19 minutes)
  7. Creating Meaningful Hyperlinks (18 minutes)
  8. Writing in Plain Language (17 minutes)
  9. Writing for Effective Translation (33 minutes)
  10. Accessible Presentations (23 minutes)

Webmasters and Application Developers (close to 1.6 hours) 

To earn this certificate, you must complete the Digital Accessibility Basics (Approximately 3.5 hours) certification above, as well as the following classes:

  1. Best Practices for Accessible Websites (14 minutes)
  2. Testing Website Accessibility (21 minutes)
  3. Manual Testing for Website Accessibility - (28 minutes) 
  4. Getting the Most Out of the WAVE Extension - (33 minutes) 

Video Creators 

This certificate can be earned on its own. However, to meet the requirements for Webmaster certification, you MUST complete the other two certificates–earning this certificate does NOT meet that requirement.

Digital Accessibility for Video Creators (Approximately 1.5 hours)

  1. Video Captioning (26 minutes)
  2. Translated Video Captioning (18 minutes)
  3. Making Accessible Screencasts Using Screencastify (36 minutes)

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