Student Teachers

This page provides guidance on how to request a DOE account if you are a student teacher. A DOE account will give you access to:

  • DOE Google Workspace (if your school has its own G Suite, your Google administrator will need to give you access)
  • The InfoHub
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft O365

How to Get a DOE Account

If you are a student teacher, your school’s administrator must request a DOE account for you in Galaxy. 

To do this, your school's administrator must complete steps 1-5:

  1. Sign into Galaxy.
  2. Click New Item.
  3. Scroll down and select People Not on Budget.
  4. Fill out all required fields such as name, social security number, email address and assignment for the student teacher.
  5. Click Save. This is when the nomination process begins.

Once your administrator has completed the above steps, you must:

  1. Check your email for an invitation to Applicant Gateway
  2. Fill out all required forms in the Applicant Gateway.
  3. Get fingerprinted. 
  4. Wait for your background investigation to be completed.
  5. Once all of your forms are filled out in Applicant Gateway, your fingerprints are processed, and the background investigation is complete, your DOE email address should be generated within 72 hours. It will be sent to you via email.

If an account has not been created, please have someone from your school submit a DIIT Help Desk Ticket.

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