Nonpublic & Charter Schools

Vision Statement

The Office of Nonpublic and Charter Schools (ONPCS) will nurture the genius in every child by ensuring equitable access to funded programs, optimal fiscal management, and quality instruction for New York City's nonpublic and charter school communities to prepare students for college, career and life readiness. 

Mission Statement

ONPCS will collaborate with diverse internal and external stakeholders to establish and monitor data-driven practices, systems and structures as we measure successes and engage in system-wide cycles of improvement for impact. 

Nonpublic Schools

The Office of Nonpublic Schools (ONPS) actively collaborates with Nonpublic schools (NPS) to facilitate the efficient delivery of goods and services. Our coordination encompasses Title Services, NYSTL (Textbooks, library books, software, hardware) and the Smart Schools Bond Act (SSBA). We extend comprehensive support and instructional services to eligible students, their parents, NPS teachers, and NPS principals.

Charter Schools

The Charter Schools Office (CSO) serves as the financial pass-through of state funding for all 280+ NYC-area charter schools and provides operational and compliance support to charter schools in partnership with other DOE offices and city and state agencies. Additionally, CSO provides ongoing oversight and evaluation of the Chancellor-authorized charter schools and facilitates public hearings for all existing and proposed charter schools in NYC on behalf of their authorizers.

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