I’m A Webmaster… Now What?

Welcome to the role of Webmaster! You are now tasked with the vital responsibility to create, maintain or support your school’s website. To ensure your school’s site is operating at its best, the first step is to make sure it is accessible for all users. To help guide you along the way, The NYC DOE has provided several resources to support you in your new role.


You can start with the infohub links below - in some cases, you’ll need to be logged into the InfoHub with your DOE account for the links to work.

*Note: All Webmasters are required to be certified in both Digital accessibility Basics and Webmaster and Application Developer. 

Online Communities


Once you have an hour’s worth of training, email Digitalaccessibility@schools.nyc.gov for the registration link for consultations. You can book 15-30 minutes of consultation with the team, M-F, 9:45AM - 4:30PM.


If you have any questions you can email Digitalaccessibility@schools.nyc.gov someone from our team will respond.

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