Accessibility and Websites

  • Digital Accessibility

    Learn about how to make digital content accessible to people with disabilities for our websites.

  • Making Accessible Content

    This page provides links to online resources and accessibility tips for most of the DOE's content platforms. It is not intended to replace the step-by-step guidance offered in the accessibility workshops.

  • School Website Guidelines

    School websites must be accessible and inclusive as well. Learn how to get your school site in shape for all parents.

  • Accessible PDFs and Fillable Forms

    Making an accessible PDF is a multi-step process. The first set of steps are in the original source document. The second set are within Adobe Acrobat.

  • Making Print Documents Accessible

    Learn how to make print documents accessible to people with disabilities.

  • Plain Language

    Get tips for writing at a grade 6-9 reading level, avoiding jargon and making your content consumable.

  • Style Guide

    The DOE Style Guide covers everything from acronyms to Zip codes.

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