Accessibility and Websites

  • Digital Accessibility Overview

    Learn about how to make digital content accessible to people with disabilities for our websites.

  • Website Guidelines

    All DOE websites must be accessible and inclusive as well. Learn how to get your website site in shape for all audiences.

  • I’m A Webmaster… Now What?

    Info & Resources for Webmasters

  • Digital Accessibility Certification

    Find out what courses were taken by folks who have earned the three digital accessibility certificates.

  • Making Accessible Content

    This page provides links to online resources and accessibility tips for most of the DOE's content platforms. It is not intended to replace the step-by-step guidance offered in the accessibility workshops.

  • How to Make Almost Everything Accessible

    Not all online tools are equally accessible. However, if you do the following things, you’ll have done everything you can to ensure that you make content that can be used by both people with disabilities, and those who need to translate it.

  • Plain Language

    Get tips for writing at a grade 6-9 reading level, avoiding jargon and making your content consumable.

  • Self-Audit

    This page information on how to self-audit your website.

  • Accessible PDFs and Fillable Forms

    Making an accessible PDF is a multi-step process. The first set of steps are in the original source document. The second set are within Adobe Acrobat.

  • Website Vendors

    This page provides links to information about and resources for common DOE website vendors. You can "Follow" this page to be notified when it is updated.

  • Making Print Documents Accessible

    Learn how to make print documents accessible to people with disabilities.

  • Making Updates to the DOE Websites

    Need page updates or help with editing? The DigiComm web team can help. Get information on what we can do for you and your pages on our sites.

  • Style Guide

    The DOE style Guide covers everything from acronyms to Zip codes.

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