Computer Science for All

The Initiative

Computer Science for All (CS4All) will ensure that all New York City public school students—with an emphasis on female, black, and Latino students—learn computer science (CS). Through our work, students will build critical skills and apply what they’ve learned to be better prepared for college, careers, and life. Through an unprecedented public-private partnership, by 2025 the DOE will train 5,000 teachers who will teach computer science to the City’s 1.1 million public school students.

Why is Computer Science Important?

Computer science provides students with the opportunity to learn computational thinking, problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking—skills that are relevant to and support many other subject areas. In addition, students who learn CS improve 21st century skills that are important for life beyond high school, including collaboration, building relationships with peers, communicating and creating with technology, and better understanding the technologies we interact with daily. Computer science experiences can open students’ eyes to new college and career possibilities and open doors, particularly for students in populations that are typically underrepresented in technical fields.

Computer Science is an Equity Imperative

In 2015, only 934 students in NYC public schools took the Advanced Placement Computer Science exam, and nearly 50% of test takers were from just three out of 450 NYC high schools:

  • Stuyvesant High School
  • Bronx Science High School
  • Brooklyn Technical High School

This gap in access to computer science education is mirrored in higher education.

Computer Science is an Economic Imperative

Nearly every industry is impacted by computer science, including: finance, health, media, education, and fashion. The number of computer science jobs is growing at 2x the national average, and will double over the next decade.

The Blueprint for CS Education

A digital resource for schools, the Beta Blueprint for CS Education is an academic and pedagogical guide for NYC educators to deliver rigorous and equitable computer science instruction to New York City public schools. The Blueprint serves as the instructional foundation for all of the professional development trainings that teachers and school leaders receive through the CS4All initiative. The CS Blueprint is available at, which also includes additional resources and CS curriculum.

More Information

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