Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is comprised of the knowledge and practices that allow students to safely interact in a digital environment. Topics cover appropriate online behavior, responsible use of social networking websites, and cyberbullying prevention. All students must be educated annually in this subject in order to comply with Federal law.


You may provide instruction using any of the approved curricular providers below.

Free Options

Fee Options

  • BrainPOP: FAMIS Vendor ID: BRA550283
  • i-Safe:  FAMIS Vendor ID: ISA821845
    • Standards-based, Common Core ready digital learning content for students in grades K-12.

Schools Must Certify

As soon as schools have educated students about appropriate online behavior, including responsible use of social networking websites and cyberbullying prevention, schools need to certify compliance. The deadline to do so is April 5, 2024.

Learning Opportunities

On-Demand Classes


On-demand Digital Citizenship classes are available from our partners through WeLearnNYC

Sign into the WeLearn platform. Then select the "Discover” tab and type in the name of the class you’d like to take from the list below. The class will then be listed in “My Courses” when you visit your home screen again. Most classes also qualify for CTLE credit:

Recorded Class

This class does not qualify for CTLE credit:

Digital Citizenship Certification Programs

You can visit our #NYCSchoolsTech certification page for opportunities to take a live-led synchronous class and get certified from Common Sense Education or EverFi.

Social Media 

Learn more about the Social Media Guidelines for staff and students.


Important Dates

Below are dates (listed chronologically) where you might want to focus on cyber safety and digital citizenship--note that if a date has "(link TBD)" next to it, it's because the event's sponsor has not yet published a link for the 2024 year event. 

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