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Civic education is an essential part of every student’s core academic program. The DOE believes that teaching the foundations of American government and the democratic process is necessary to build a more engaged, active future citizen and informed voter.

Civics for All, an initiative that launched in Spring 2018, provides resources, programming, and professional learning to all NYC schools. The initiative focuses on education models that are interactive, project-based, and relevant to students’ lives.


The new K-12 civics curriculum is now available on WeTeachNYC!

A team of NYCDOE staff, New York City teachers, and various cultural partners developed the curriculum to be flexible enough to be usable in a number of different settings and configurations and to fit the needs of all New York City classrooms. Civics For All is a companion to the Passport to Social Studies, designed with the New York State K-12 Social Studies Framework, the New York State Next Generation English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies Learning Standards, and the New York City K-12 Social Studies Scope & Sequence in mind.

The curriculum is organized into four different grade bands K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Each grade band contains two parts. Direct links to each of the grade bands and parts are listed below.

Schools can request additional copies of the civics curriculum using this Civics Request Form.

Civics Week 2020

The NYC Department of Education (NYCDOE) is thrilled to announce the second annual Civics Week! During the week of March 2nd – 6th, 2020, schools across the City will be celebrating youth voice, civic empowerment, and the importance of registering to vote. Part of the Civics for All initiative, supported by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s DemocracyNYC, Civics Week includes efforts to get every young person to understand that their voice matters and that they can create change as active participants of their community.

Celebrate Civics Week by planning activities that strengthen student voice, build school community, and allow civic participation to flourish. Make sure students see and hear varied perspectives to recognize and understand diverse ideas as a strength. Practice engaging in civil discourse, deliberation, and dissent in ways that build their ability to collaborate across differences. Help students understand and practice advocacy. Engage students with real topics and problems that affect their lives and the lives of others, so they can apply classroom skills and concepts to real-world issues.

In addition to Civics Week materials being sent to all elementary, middle and high school schools, high schools will also be hosting a Student Voter Registration Drive. To designate your high school Civics Week point person, please visit the Civics Week School Point Person Designation Form.

Civics Week Materials

Civics Week materials will be delivered in the month of February. To view your school's expected delivery date, please review the location-specific Civics Week Delivery Windows.

High School Student Voter Registration Forms Pickup Instructions

  • On the day Student Voter Registration activities conclude, collect completed forms from classroom teachers and count how many are being returned so you can report the count.
  • Carefully pack all completed voter registration forms in the original delivery box and seal the box. Extra blank forms do not need to be returned.
  • Affix the included return label on top of the original delivery label and complete the blank fields on the label with your school’s information.
  • By 4pm on Monday, March 9th, enter the number of completed voter registration forms being returned and confirm pick-up contact details in the Civics Week Student Voter Registration Form Return.
  • Keep the return box in the school’s Main Office for courier pick-up on Tuesday, March 10th and Wednesday, March 11th.
  • Confirm that it has been picked up by Wednesday, March 11th. If the box has not been collected by 3:00 PM on Wednesday, March 11th, please alert the Service Center at or 718-935-3334.
  • Email scanned Civics Week teacher coordinator per session timesheets, filled out in their entirety and signed by your principal, by Monday, March 16th, 2020 to No faxes or mailed forms will be accepted.

Visit the logistics guides linked below for Civics Week guidance and information about materials:

Visit the links below for additional Civics Week materials:

For questions about Civics Week please contact


Apply to be a Civics for All Partner School

The Civics for All Partner School Program is an opportunity for schools of all grade levels to implement the Civics for All initiative while receiving support from Civics for All Coaches and civics advocacy organizations. Partner Schools will receive guidance in implementing instructional resources, accessing authentic civic learning opportunities, and implementing age appropriate civic action and real-life democracy projects. This support includes a week-long summer institute for teacher teams to become familiar with the initiative and develop plans for implementing Civics for All at the school level.

Ready to apply? Access the Civics for All Partner School Program Information linked here. Be sure to review and access the application link on page 4 of the overview document to complete the application.

Please note current 2019-2020 Civics for All partner schools will receive year 2 application information from their current cohort leader.

Classroom Resources for Teachers

  • Civics for All Curriculum - These sets of resources are the K-12 civics curriculum designed for New York City classrooms.
  • Participatory Budgeting In Your School - This guide includes resources and activities to help you lead a student-driven, democratic participatory budgeting process in your school.
  • Vote: An Instructional Guide to Elections - This resource includes guidance for student voter registration and activities to deepen student understanding of voting, elections, and political engagement.
  • More resources will be added as they become available. Please check back for more.


Civics for All fosters partnerships between civics organizations and Civics for All Partner Schools. Organizations will collaborate with DOE Civics Instructional Leads to support schools in their implementation of the Civics for All civic action projects.

Schools will receive individualized support to meet shared NYC DOE goals. Organizations that have existing partnerships with DOE schools are encouraged to continue those relationships in support of the goals of the Civics for All initiative.

To get involved, email


Spring 2020

Civics Week Poster Contest

New York City students in grades K through 12 are invited to showcase their artistic talent and civic engagement by participating in the second annual NYCDOE Civics for All Poster Contest. We encourage your school to participate in this event by creating posters during Civics Week 2020, March 2-6th.

This poster contest will encourage students to:

  • Learn about important issues
  • Realize why student voice matters
  • Understand why voting and active civic participation is important

Winning poster submissions will be printed and distributed to NYC schools for the 2020-21 school year.

Please read the poster requirements and judging criteria carefully. Only posters that meet the poster requirements and judging criteria will be considered.

For more information on how to apply please visit the Civics Week Poster Contest Rules and Submission Process. The deadline for poster submission is Wednesday, March 11th, 2020.


SoapboxNYC is a public speaking competition that calls on students to speak out about issues that affect them and their communities. Students create and advocate for solutions to improve their schools, communities, and the lives of other young people. Watch the Welcome to Project Soapbox video to see the event in action. Check back for more information in winter 2019.


For specific questions, or to learn more about Civics for All, email

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