District 79

District 79 is New York City’s Alternative Schools District​.

We believe that all students can achieve at high levels and succeed in college and careers. We help students to:

  • Stay on track to earn a high school or high school equivalency diploma.
  • Build the skills to succeed in post-secondary opportunities including career and college.
  • Gain the social-emotional skills necessary to become confident and productive members of society.

Referral Centers

Referral Centers are in every borough and are one-stop centers where high school-aged students can get academic guidance and explore alternative pathways to graduation. Visit the Referral Centers website for locations and more information.

Alternate Learning Centers

Alternate Learning Centers (ALCs) is the school program for middle and high school students on Superintendent’s Suspension. Find out more about the services offered by the ALCs.

Co-op Tech

Co-op Tech offers half-day career and technical training for students who:

  • Are enrolled in academic courses in another Department of Education program, or
  • Have graduated with a high school diploma or equivalent

Court-Involved Youth

Find out more about the programs and services offered by Court Liaisons, East River Academy, Restart Academy and Passages Academy on the Court Involved Youth page.

Judith S. Kaye Transfer High School

Judith S. Kaye Transfer High Schoolserves students ages 16-21 who are:

  • Preparing for a high school
  • Preparing for a high-school equivalency
  • Preparing for a trade certification


The Living for the Young Family through Education (LYFE) program:

  • Offers the children of student parents free, high-quality early childhood education
  • Gives student parents academic support
  • Helps student parents graduate from high school or complete their high-school equivalency
  • Allows student parents to advocate for themselves

Adult Education

There are over 800 free classes for adults age 21 and over. Learn more at the adult education page.

Pathways to Graduation

Pathways to Graduation is a full-time free program for students ages 17-21 to:

  • Earn a High School Equivalency Diploma
  • Get ready for College and Career success

ReStart Academy

ReStart Academy has locations throughout the City and two live-in locations in upstate New York, it is for 13–21 year old students in transitional settings, including:

  • Alternative eighth grade programming
  • Substance-abuse day and residential treatment
  • Mental/behavioral health treatment
  • Hospitals
  • Juvenile justice

It provides a path to:

  • Middle school promotion
  • High school diploma or
  • High school equivalency

Young Adult Borough Centers

Young Adult Borough Centers (YABCs) are afternoon and evening programs designed to meet the educational needs of high school students who are behind in credit or have adult responsibilities that make it hard to attend school during the day. Students attend YABCs part-time in the afternoon or evening to earn a high school diploma. Learn more about the YABCs.

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