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The New York City Department of Education (DOE) has contracts with vendors to purchase the goods and services necessary to ensure that students receive the quality education they deserve. The agency strives to give all businesses, including Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs), an equal opportunity to compete for DOE procurements. The agency casts a wide net in search of talented vendors, seeking qualified suppliers from all segments of the community. The DOE’s mission is to provide equal access to procurement opportunities for all qualified vendors including MWBEs. The DOE works to enhance the ability of MWBEs to compete for contracts and DOE is committed to ensuring that MWBEs fully participate in the procurement process.

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RFEI0003: Research and Experience with the Management and Labor Partnerships and Implementation of the Bronx Collaborative Schools Model (“Bronx Plan”)

  • RFEI Responses Due:  January 6, 2020 by 2:00 P.M. EST.

The New York City Department of Education (“DOE is issuing a Request for Expressions of Interest (“RFEI”) from organizations and institutions with experience working collaboratively on the development of psychological safety and organizational change with both labor and management (e.g., the “Kaiser Model”) and/or organizations with specific experience in developing professional learning sequences for schools and other organizations. These organizations must have interest in providing this expertise as subcontractors with an additional vendor or vendors in the implementation of the Bronx Plan developed jointly with the United Federation of Teachers (“UFT”) beginning in January 2020 through June 2022. The results of this RFEI will be made available to those potential vendors as a resource for them to possibly select organizations or institutions familiar with the Kaiser Model as subcontractors. However, potential vendors may select subcontractors familiar with the Kaiser Model, psychological safety, and/or the development of professional learning sequences that have not responded to this RFEI. Responses to this RFEI are welcome from organizations and institutions from any field with a demonstrated record of working with management and labor in a collaborative way, with experience in the education sector desired. Organizations with specific experience providing school-based facilitation and training on consensus-based decision-making and other collaborative practices are ideal.

Login to the Vendor Portal to download RFEI0003. Click on "Download Solicitations". In the search field, type in "RFEI0003" and then hit the "Search" button. The solicitation will show up now and you can proceed to click on the "Add to Shopping Cart" button, then click on the "Checkout" button and proceed to check out. You can download the files at this point.  

If you cannot download this RFEI, please send an e-mail to with the RFEI0003 title in the subject.

For all questions related to the information contained in the RFEI, please contact: 

Bronx Plan RFEI Contact
The New York City Department of Education
Meghan Harkins
New York, NY 10007
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