Quality Review

The Quality Review (QR) is a process that evaluates how well schools are organized to support student learning and teacher practice. It was developed to assist New York City Department of Education schools in raising student achievement by looking behind a school’s performance statistics to ensure that the school is engaged in effective methods of accelerating student learning.

The QR Rubric is used to evaluate how well schools are organized to support student achievement. It drives school improvement by helping school communities create a rubric-based common language to deepen their understanding of schoolwide practices and their impact on teaching and learning. The rubric is comprised of 10 Quality Indicators and 30 sub-indicators. The 10 Quality Indicators fall within three categories: the Instructional Core (1.1 Curriculum, 1.2 Pedagogy, 2.2 Assessment), School Culture (1.4 Positive Learning Environment, 3.4 High Expectations), and Systems for Improvement (1.3 Leveraging Resources, 3.1 Goals and Action Plans, 4.1 Teacher Support and Supervision, 4.2 Teacher Teams and Leadership Development, 5.1 Monitoring and Revising Systems).

Quality Review resources to support school improvement can be found below.

General Resources

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