Student Perception Survey

Survey Overview

We know that teachers care about their students and improving their instructional practice. Often, the data available to improve instructional practice does not include direct feedback from students. The New York City Department of Education (DOE) partners with Panorama Education to offer the Student Perception Survey, a research-based, confidential and anonymous student survey used across the country to provide teachers with students’ feedback about their classroom experiences.

The Student Perception Survey is administered for formative purposes only, and not as a part of Advance, New York City’s system for teacher development and evaluation.

2022-2023 Student Perception Survey Results

The administration of the 2022-23 Student Perception Survey was December 5 through January 23. Teachers, principals, and superintendent teams can now log-in to their Panorama Education account to access their online reports.

Understanding Your Results

To assist teachers, principals, and superintendent teams in understanding their reports, resources such as user guides are available on WeTeachNYC.

Taking Action

Panorama Education Playbook

The Student Perception Survey is a formative tool intended to guide practice in the classroom and across schools. Along with the online survey reports, teachers and principals will have access to the Panorama Education Playbook (Playbook), an online professional learning tool that allows educators to share practices and create a personalized playbook of instructional strategies based on their survey results.


Are you a principal interested in facilitating a one-on-one conversation with a teacher about their individual results? Are you a teacher trying to understand how the Student Perception Survey aligns to the Danielson Framework for Teaching? Visit WeTeachNYC to access a reflection tool and other professional learning resources.

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