Requests for Expressions of Interest or Information

The New York City Department of Education (DOE) has contracts with vendors to purchase the goods and services necessary to ensure that students receive the quality education they deserve. The agency strives to give all businesses, including Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs), an equal opportunity to compete for DOE procurements. The agency casts a wide net in search of talented vendors, seeking qualified suppliers from all segments of the community. The DOE’s mission is to provide equal access to procurement opportunities for all qualified vendors including MWBEs. The DOE works to enhance the ability of MWBEs to compete for contracts and DOE is committed to ensuring that MWBEs fully participate in the procurement process.

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Requests for Expressions of Interest

Request for Expression of Interest (RFEI):                                         

Contracts System Replacement for New York City Department of Education (“DOE”)

The DOE is seeking information from vendors to replace its legacy contracts tracking and processing systems. The focus of this RFEI is to gather information from procurement software publishers and system integration firms with experience providing/building procurement and contract lifecycle management systems.

This RFEI is issued through the City of New York’s Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal (PASSPort) and is visible to the public through its Public Portal:  PASSPort Public ( Anyone interested in submitting questions and/or responding to this RFEI should first create an account within PASSPort. To learn more, please go to About PASSPort | MOCS (

Responses can also be submitted via email to with the heading “Response to the Contracts RFEI from [name of firm]” on or before 2:00pm EST on 4/9/24.

Requests for Information



The DOE seeks organizations that are knowledge based and experienced in this content area to assist the DOE in understanding the math curriculum market. If interested, please reply to this Request for Information (RFI). Please submit your information to: All responses are due on or before April 9, 2024, by 4pm EST.



The New York City Department of Education (“NYC DOE”) and the Office of Pupil Transportation (“OPT”) is in the process of preparing a solicitation for the inspection of school buses for transportation. The questions identified will help the NYC DOE understand how the industry addresses inspection related matters. In addition, how does the industry handle problems that arise because of an inspection?  To promote competitive bidding, we request your input on the questions below and any other recommendations you can give to the NYC DOE for consideration.

Currently, there are 75 private bus companies, providing service with approximately 10,000 school buses located at 100 garages throughout the five boroughs, as well as Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, and Bergen Counties.  OPT will require at least two inspections per bus, per year, considering follow-up inspections.

Please review and comment on the below listed questions and provide responses you believe will have a positive effect on student transportation, vendors, and the Department of Education.

 Proposed Questions: 

The Department is evaluating the most competitive structure and considering bidding by borough.  Please indicate what would be the most desirable model for obtaining the most competitive prices while ensuring that all buses are safe and clean.

The NYC DOE seeks organizations that are knowledgeable and experienced in this content area to assist OPT in understanding the school bus inspection market. If interested, please reply to this Request for Information (“RFI”). Please submit your information to: All responses are due on or before April 9, 2024, by 4PM EST.

  1. What criteria or steps does your company take to ensure a transparent evaluation of the services you currently perform?
  2. How many annual inspections does your company feel would be necessary to evaluate the performance and compliance of a school bus company?
  3. What licensing/certifications does your company use for hiring inspectors?
  4. Does your company currently perform transportation or specifically, school bus related inspections?
  5. What tools or applications are used by inspectors to conduct the inspection?
  6. What methods of communication/notification are used for informing your current clients of the outcome of inspection(s) performed?
  7. Briefly explain how follow-up inspections are handled and are they announced or unannounced visits?
  8. How do you evaluate your employee’s performance?

This RFI and follow-up will not result in a contract award and is merely intended to assist the DOE in understanding the marketplace for this commodity.  Participation/input in the RFI is entirely optional. Please be aware, depending on the number of responses to this RFI, not all parties may be contacted. Your response is greatly appreciated. If you are willing to be contacted by the DOE, please provide the following information:

  • Contact Affiliation (e.g., company, organization, institution):
  • Contact Name:
  • Contact Title:
  • Contact Phone:
  • Contact Email:

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