Arts Education Liaisons

Arts Education Liaisons (AELs) are designated by each school's principal. AELs are the conduit for information about opportunities and supports that will benefit their schools.

Principals may define the role of the Arts Education Liaisons to:

  • Understand and communicate the accountability targets for arts education in dance, music, theater, and visual arts as set forth in ArtsCount
  • Assist in tasks assigned by principal in support of ArtsCount
  • Serve as the key person in the school to receive, disseminate and communicate information regarding arts resources for dance, music ,theater and visual arts
  • Advise principal about appropriate arts and cultural programs at each grade level in each arts discipline
  • Support the identification of new certified arts teachers for school staffing
  • Assist in the evaluation of arts and cultural programming in your school
  • Engage members of the school community in becoming active participants in arts education
  • Advocate for expanding and strengthening the arts learning experiences in dance, theater, music, and the visual arts in school
  • Collaborate with parent coordinator in engaging parents
  • Support the principal as designated in preparation and completion of ArtsCount tasks such as: Annual Arts Education Survey, Teacher Learning Environment Survey, Annual Arts in Schools Report, and assist in demonstrating evidence of students' arts learning for School Quality Review

Contact Information for the 2023–24 Arts Education Liaisons.

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