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Contractors are responsible for understanding and carrying out all of the duties and responsibilities set forth in the Standard Operating Procedures for School Bus Contractors Providing Service under Contracts with the NYCDOE (herein expressed as "Contractor's Manual") and in the applicable contract(s).  In the event of a conflict between the Contractor’s Manual and the applicable Contract(s), the applicable Contract(s) shall govern.

Chapters of the Contractor’s Manual are available on this page on the side menu, or below.

Chapters of the Contractor's Manual

  1. Vehicle Specifications
  2. Driver and Attendant Certification Process and Responsibilities
  3. Violations, Procedures, and Assessment of Liquidated Damages
  4. Vehicle Inspection Standards, Maintenance and Safety
  5. Investigations Procedures
  6. Accidents, Emergencies and Other Delays
  7. Routing and Scheduling System
  8. Field Trip Procedures
  9. Picking of Runs


Vendor Resources

Maps and Routes

Call Recording and Attendance

Other Applications

Driver and Attendant Training Locations

Bus & Car Driver Training School

1332 Commerce Avenue, Suite 18
Bronx, NY 10461
Fax: 718-794-3396
Contact: Robert Verderosa (President)

Bus Drivers R Us

483 Hemlock St.
Brooklyn, NY 11208
Fax: 718-521-0004
Contact: Manuel Otero

K.E.R.F. Safety Training

2704 East Tremont Avenue 2nd Floor
Bronx, NY 10461
Fax: 347-590-9092
Contact: Sandra Lopez

Lella Transportation Safety

944 Havermayer Ave.
Bronx, NY, 10473
Fax: 718-684-1112
Contact: Anne Smith

NY Bus Training Corp. dba Training In Transportation

3051 Nostrand Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11229
Fax: 718-336-8997
Contact: Jo-Ann Tufaro

Wheels on the Bus

1841 Forest Avenue- 2nd Floor
Staten Island, NY 10303
Fax: 347-630-7234
Contact: Arden Daleus

Technic Driving School Inc.

2174 Nostrand Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210
Fax: 718-282-0434
Contact: Raoul St. Flavin

School Bus Safety City, Inc.

426 East 138th St, 2nd Fl.
Bronx, NY 10454
Fax: 718-882-8303
Contact: Maria Sonaly Caro

School Bus Safety City, Inc. (Second Location)

3619-B Rombouts Ave
Bronx, NY 10466
Fax: 718-882-8303
Contact: Maria Sonaly Caro

NYC Bus Lane Use

Per NYC Traffic Rules, school buses are authorized to use New York City Bus Lanes when transporting passengers. For the definition of a school bus, see section 4-01(b). For specific bus lane restrictions, see section 4-12(m)

We share this information so that your drivers have every option to reduce traffic delays and ride duration for NYC Students.

How to Support Bus Lane Use

Please remind your drivers that school buses with passengers are allowed to use NYC Bus Lanes, and make sure they are familiar with the rules and definitions above. 

The following steps should be taken to ensure your drivers are aware of this policy.

  • Verbally communicate to drivers the legal use of NYC bus lanes by vehicles transporting students
  • Encourage drivers to use NYC bus lanes to reduce traffic delays and ride duration when possible
  • Add the bus lane rules to the training materials you give to new drivers 
  • Add the bus lane rules to the training refresh materials you give to employed drivers 

Working with NYCDOT and NYPD for Success

We engaged the NYPD and NYCDOT to ensure all relevant city agencies share a common understanding about this policy, and to provide school bus vehicle information recorded in our Vehicle System (log-in required) to the NYPD. 

Questions About NYC Bus Lane Use

We greatly appreciate your participation as we strive to improve transportation services to our students.  If you have any questions regarding this policy/information, please contact Paul Weydig or Darren Johnson at OPT.  

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