Multiple Task Award Contract

For many services, the Department uses our Multiple Task Award Contract (MTAC) process to award contracts. MTAC gives schools greater choice and flexibility in selecting vendors for the services they need. When a school has a need for a specific service, the school sends an MTAC proposal request e-mail to a number of vendors. Vendors submit a proposal according to the criteria detailed in the MTAC. The requester then evaluates the proposals based on which vendor's request is the "best value".

MTAC for Vendors

Only vendors that have an MTAC contract can participate in the MTAC process. Vendors that have such a contract can login to the Vendor Portal and click the "MTAC" link to learn more.

Vendor Portal

The Vendor Portal (vPortal) is the Department of Education’s online management tool for our vendors. This tool is part of our ongoing effort to improve your vendor experience. Here you will find the tools to do business with the Department of Education in an effective and efficient way.

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