Translation and Interpretation

Changes in July

The DOE will have new vendors for translation and interpretation services as of July 1, 2019. This page will be updated with information on the new vendors as soon as it is available. For any questions on written translation services, please contact For any questions on spoken interpretation services, please contact


The Translation and Interpretation Unit helps the New York City Department of Education public schools in their efforts to reach families who need help communicating in English. The Unit offers free translation services, connects schools with over-the-phone interpretation services and spearheads all system-wide language access efforts.

The Unit also works with Field Language Access Coordinators, from each Field Support Center, to support schools in developing and maintaining a comprehensive approach for engaging and communicating with all families.

For general inquires or to share your experience with language services at your school, please call 718-935-2013 or email

Department of Education staff can email for more information about written translation or for information on oral interpretation services. For request forms and additional language access resources, visit the intranet pages.

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