Implicit Bias Awareness Workshop

For the past five years, over 80,000 NYC educators have attended the Implicit Bias Awareness foundational workshop, either in-person or virtually. Now, NYC Public Schools is offering the workshop through online modules and you can find it here: Implicit Bias Awareness (IBA) Workshop on WeLearnNYC.

NYC Public Schools would like to acknowledge the incredible work of our educators over the challenging years of the pandemic. We’ve engaged in the largest implicit bias awareness workshop initiative in the history of public schools in the country, and feedback on the impact and importance of the course has been overwhelmingly positive. Our intention is to provide a space to learn and reflect on our perceptions and biases in a way that offers tools to improve our practices for our students and communities.

To enroll in the IBA Workshop, visit WeLearnNYC Discover. If you have already taken the course and have proof of attendance, notify your supervisor. You can retake this online course if you would like to experience it again, or if you would like to engage in this learning as a team or school community.

The course runs asynchronously for Modules 1-4. The estimated time to complete Modules 1-4 is 3 hours. 

Once participants complete the four modules on WeLearn, they will receive a certificate of completion and CTLE accreditation.

For support with WeLearn platform-related questions call 1-888-995-9866. For support with login issues, call the WeLearn help desk at 718-935-3075.

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