Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Education Implementation Supports

The NYSED Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Education (CRSE) Framework was adopted by New York State in 2018, and by NYC Public Schools in 2019. In early 2023, the Office of Equity of Access (Division of Teaching and Learning) launched multiple initiatives aimed at supporting educators and school communities strengthen their understanding and implementation of CRSE.

CRSE Foundational Online Learning Modules

Available to all NYC Public Schools staff via WeLearn NYC, participants learn the basics of CR-SE and develop tools to utilize identity, culture, and responsiveness into their day-to-day practice. The online learning modules aim to increase awareness of foundational CRSE mindsets, tenets, and resources through three self-paced, asynchronous modules – ‘Identity and Culture’, ‘What is CRSE?’, and ‘CRSE in Action’. Once participants have engaged in the online learning, they receive a certificate of completion and CTLE accreditation. (Completion time of 3 hours). Implicit Bias Awareness Online Learning Modules (info below) are a recommended pre-requisite course.


CRSE Professional Learning and Support 

The Office of Equity and Access and The Metro Center at New York University partner to offer CRSE Professional Learning and Support. 

Citywide Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Education Professional Learning Community

The Citywide Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Education (CRSE) Professional Learning Community (CCPLC) is a new learning community created in partnership with the NYU Metro Center where over 100 school and district leader teams focus on CRSE development and training. District and school leaders send cohorts and teams to gain tailored support on their current implementation of CRSE practices. Additional small group coaching meetings with experts at NYU Metro Center between convenings are available to district and school teams.

Cohorts of 2-5 participants per school are encouraged to register here. Registration for 2022-23 is at capacity. Information will be provided in Summer 2023 for next year's cohort. Participants are eligible for per session and CTLE credit. CCPLC teams will also receive funding to support efforts in developing CRSE book libraries. 

Critically Conscious Educators Rising (CCER)

Critically Conscious Educators Rising (CCER) is a gathering of like-minded educators who are committed to equity, justice, and healing in education for racially, culturally and linguistically diverse students, and students with disabilities. Convening for its 7th year and led by NYU Metro Center, participants meet both in person and online for 6 sessions between February and June to increase understanding around CRSE and healing-centered and equitable practices. Registration deadline is closed for 2022-2023. Information will be provided in Summer 2023 for next year’s cohort. 

Additional CRSE Supports offered by the Office of Equity and Access 

Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education (CR-SE) Lab Classroom Visitation

CRSE Lab Classroom Visitations are defined as non-evaluative learning cycles where educators come together virtually to learn and grow in instructional practices aligned to the content specific skills through the lens of the NYSED CRSE Framework. The purpose of this professional learning experience is to support city-wide teacher-led professional learning communities. The Lab Classroom Visitation currently 160 participants across 32 schools. Information about registration for 2023-24 will be available in the summer. 

The Change Agent Academy

The Change Agent Academy serves 340 participants across 40 schools, and is a four-month college level course entitled ‘Supporting Liberatory Learning’ taught by Dr. Norissa Williams. The course is offered to NYC Public Schools educators to support the creation of empowering learning environments where youth exercise their voice and create social change. Information about registration for 2023-24 will be available in the summer.

CRSE Collaborative

The CRSE Collaborative is a pilot program designed to develop school-based policies, curriculum, and pedagogy to promote, develop, and deepen culturally responsive and sustaining educational practices. Schools will engage in professional learning and a collaborative inquiry process to develop a clear, coherent equity vision and goals, improved culturally responsive and sustaining educational curriculum and pedagogy, increased collective efficacy for equity, and more equitable student outcomes. Participating schools are assigned a facilitator and placed in a triad or quad with other schools, and each group of schools will receive support in the form of professional learning on CRSE, Equity Visits, and Coaching for Equity. This year, 27 schools across the city are engaging in the CRSE Collaborative. Information about registration for 2023-24 will be available in the summer.

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