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Provider Assignment for Preschool

Provider Assignment  (PA) was recently upgraded to include preschool mandates. Below are the resources specifically for Provider Assignment for Preschool. Until all preschool PA training resources are updated or created, please refer to the school-age resources.

For assistance or questions about PA, refer to the training resources on this page, or contact your ORS liaison. To report a Provider Assignment (PA) technical issue, call the DOE help desk at 718-935-5100. 

Encounter Attendance

Get Started with Encounter Attendance

Encounter Attendance Reports

Student Caseloads or Service Records

For Related Service Providers

For Supervisors

Recording and Scheduling Service Records

How to Record (Past) Encounter Attendance Service Records

How to Schedule (Future) Encounter Attendance Service Records

Role-Specific Resources

Who Records What in Encounter Attendance

The chart below explains how the fields on the service record that service providers are required to complete vary by role.

RoleAttendanceSession Notes
Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, or Speech TherapistYesYes
Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS)YesNo
English as a New Language (ENL)NoNo


  • Counseling session notes may be entered as “Confidential” if judged to be sensitive by the provider.

Provider Assignment Introductory Training Materials

The following documents will help you with the main functions in Provider Assignment as well as provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions and a System Icon Glossary you can print and easily refer to.

Assigning an Agency

Assignment Status Values

Provider Assignment Reports


First Attend

Related Service Authorization (RSA)

Speech-Language Referral

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