Rocket Terminal Emulator (RTE)


Please be advised that DIIT will has decommissioned External WebConnect and replaced it with Rocket Terminal Emulator (RTE). 

The information below applies only to EXTERNAL RTE. If you are an internal user, please open the Internal RTE page.

It just means that the Webconnect icon and application will be replaced by RTE.

Please familiarize yourself with the images below so that you know you’re in the right place when logging into the mainframe for ATS, EIS or any other mainframe apps.

Why is Webconnect being updated?

WebConnect is at its end of life and no longer supported.

Follow these steps to use RTE:

Rocket Terminal Emulator (RTE) for External Users

RTE External Link: Rocket RTE External Edition

For additional information, please refer to the following link:

DOE Login Screen

Log in with your DOE Network/LAN ID and Password

Multi Factor Authentication screen

Enter the one-time Password (OTP) that you receive.

RTE Landing Page Login Screen

Click on RTE

Rocket Terminal Emulator Web Edition Log In Screen

Log in with your DOE Network/LAN ID and Password

Terminal Emulator Home Page

Click on Dep. Of Education.

Mainframe green screen

Log into your Mainframe Application as you normally would.

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