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The following are advertisements for items no longer needed by the respective school/site. If you are interested in securing any of the items listed, please contact the school/site directly. Advertisements will be removed from this site two (2) weeks from the date of posting.

Department of Education Facilities

Except for possible transportation costs between sites, these items are listed for transfer free of charge.

Other Than Department of Education Facilities

Organizations outside the DOE may request an advertised item (there may be an associated cost) provided no interest has been expressed by a DOE facility.

If Your School/Site Has an Item to Advertise

Please do the following if your school/site has materials that are no longer needed (obsolete items):

  1. Review the SOP chapter on Inventory.

Complete the Disposition of Obsolete Equipment form, which can be accessed through the FAMIS Portal. You can also send an e-mail directly to

February 12, 2020

Location Information

School/Site: Public School 121X , 2750 Throop Avenue, Bronx, New York 10469
Region: District 11
Telephone: (718) 654 - 2055
Fax: (718) 519 - 2613

Contact Information 

Name: Frances Guerin
Title: Teacher
Telephone: (718) 654 - 2055

Item Description

21 early childhood chairs, blue 13 3/4" high
24 adjustable desks (good/excellent condition)
22 read chairs 13 3/4"
6 early childhood tables, blue 27 3/4H x 29 3/4w x 22h
9 tables with built in desk, manilla 47 3/4w x 35 3/4L x 24h
24 chairs, blue and metal without baskets 13 3/4" high
24 chairs, blue and metal with baskets 13 3/4" high
4 tables, manilla 4'w x 20"l x 2'h

January 7, 2020

Location Information

School/Site:  11x089
Region: Bronx
Telephone:  (718) 653 - 0835
Fax: (718) 231 - 2863
Contact Information

Name:  Eddie Diaz
Title:  Technician
Telephone:   (718) 653 - 0835

Item Description

The following 28 Apple iPad are 1st generation Equipment and Serial Number  
iPad HW1067KLZ39  
iPad HZ108CPWZ38  
iPad HZ108P0BZ38  
iPad HW1067WDZ39  
iPad HW1126BQZ38  
iPad HZ10856MZ38  
iPad HW11257DZ38  
iPad HZ108PS2Z38  
iPad HW1122MYZ38  
iPad HW1124ATZ38  
iPad HW1126G8Z38  
iPad HW1126E3Z38  
iPad GB017PDSZ38  
iPad HZ108WDSZ38  
iPad HW11270MZ38  
iPad HW11232XZ38  
iPad HW1126FX238  
iPad HW112712Z38  
iPad HW1126EYZ38  
iPad HW11274ZZ38  
iPad HW112576Z38  
iPad HW1126JJZ38  
iPad HW11255RZ38  
iPad HW112311Z38  
iPad HW11251VZ38  
iPad HW1122EXZ38  
iPad HW112537Z38  
iPad HW1126KRZ38  

January 3, 2020

Location Information

School: Shuang Wen School (01M184), 327 Cherry Street

Region: Manhattan
Telephone: (212) 602 - 9700

Contact Information

Name:  Erin Ma
Title: Secretary   
Telephone:   (212) 602 - 9700

Item Description

70 Student desks and chairs (elementary school furniture) in good condition.

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