In order to recognize outstanding practice and to foster development, the NYCDOE is committed to ensuring that the most effective educators are rewarded with tenure. For more information regarding tenure updates and guidelines, please review the following resources:

Teacher Tenure

New Resources

  • Talking Tenure is a guide for principals which offers strategies for supporting teacher tenure throughout the probation period.
  • The Teacher Tenure PowerPoint Teacher Edition is a teacher tenure PowerPoint presentation to facilitate tenure discussions across the city.
  • The Teacher Tenure PowerPoint is a teacher tenure PowerPoint presentation for use with principals and school based evaluators to facilitate tenure discussions across the city.

Existing Resources

Principal and Assistant Principal Tenure

Please use the below documents to support the making of AP tenure-decisions:

Education Administrators (EA) Tenure

The EA Tenure Decision-Making Framework includes criteria and expectations of effective leadership to guide tenure decisions for EAs who are in their final probationary year.

The Tenure Notification System

The Tenure Notification System (TNS) is an online application for Principals and Superintendents to ensure a more rigorous and meaningful teacher tenure granting process that distinguishes our most effective teachers. There is a quick overview for Submitting a Tenure Recommendation. The TNS Manual provides an overview of using TNS and here you may find a key that provides an overview of TNS guidance and special status codes.

Contact Us

  • Please contact your BCO Human Resources Director with questions about the tenure process.
  • Please contact your senior field counsel with questions about denying, discontinuing, or extending an employee.
  • Please contact your superintendent with questions about submitting evidence at the time of the recommendation.
  • Please email tenurequestions@schools.nyc.gov with technical questions relating to the Tenure Notification System (TNS).

Celebrating Tenure

Celebrate tenure with your employees by printing and completing the following completion certificates:

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