Fair Student Funding Working Group

On July 28th, the Fair Student Funding Working Group began its first in a series of meetings to engage stakeholders to discuss the Fair Student Funding Formula. The Chancellor convened this group consistent with his vision to gain input from our families, staff, and communities on critical priorities, including recommendations to improve the Fair Student Funding Formula. 

In response to concerns raised about the Fair Student Funding Formula, this Working Group has been charged with considering and making recommendations relating to the Fair Student Funding formula: the categories, types of students, grade levels, and weights within Fair Student Funding in order to best meet the instructional needs of students citywide in an equitable manner.

The working group will work to develop a plan, conduct necessary research and outreach (including engagement of members of the public), and develop recommendations. In order to ensure the recommendations can be considered for the FY24 budget planning and allocations to schools, recommendations must be delivered by October 31, 2022. The recommendations of this working group will be compiled and published on the DOE’s website.

To ensure transparency in this process, we share at this link minutes and presentations for all working group meetings; information about all input sessions that are open to the public; and the final recommendations developed by the Working Group.

Fair Student Funding Working Group: VIRTUAL Public Engagement Sessions, October 2022

Please join New York City ​Public Schools and the Fair Student Funding Working Group for a community engagement session focused on Fair Student Funding. There will be a brief presentation, followed by an opportunity to ask questions and give feedback. 

Fair Student Funding (FSF) is the main source of money for most schools. With input from the School Leadership Team, principals decide how to spend these funds to meet basic educational needs. FSF is based on the number of students enrolled at each school and the needs of those students. This budgeting method is called a weighted pupil-funding model. You can find out more information about FSF in the Fair Student Funding Guide.
Four sessions were held. Recordings to the sessions are linked below:

Registration for all sessions is available at: https://learndoe.org/face/

Member List

Members of the working group were selected based on interest and recommendations, as well as to ensure that expertise in key issues and all geographies were represented. 

Member List

Meeting Dates

Meeting #1: Thursday, July 28 - Meeting MinutesMeeting Materials

Meeting #2: Thursday, August 4 - Meeting MinutesMeeting MaterialsAdditional Meeting Materials

Meeting #3: Thursday, August 18 - Meeting MinutesMeeting Materials

Meeting #4: Thursday, September 1 - Meeting MinutesMeeting MaterialsAdditional Meeting Materials

Meeting #5: Thursday, September 15 - Meeting MinutesMeeting MaterialsAdditional Meeting MaterialsAdditional Meeting Materials

Meeting #6: Thursday, September 29 - Meeting MinutesMeeting MaterialsAdditional Meeting Materials

In Person Meeting: Thursday, October 4th – Meeting MaterialsAdditional Meeting Materials 

Meeting #7: Thursday, October 13 - Meeting MaterialsMeeting Notes

Meeting #8: Thursday, October 27 - Meeting Minutes, Meeting Materials

Additional Materials - Minority Report

For any specific questions you may have about the Fair Student Funding working group, please reach out directly to FairStudentFunding@schools.nyc.gov.

Fair Student Funding Working Group Final Report

The Fair Student Funding Working Group submitted their report to the Chancellor on November 4th, 2022. The report is posted below.

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