Condom Availability Program

High schools are required (by the New York City Department of Education HIV/AIDS prevention program) to provide Health Resource Rooms where free condoms, health information, and health referrals are made available to students in grades 9-12 by trained staff. Parents and legal guardians may opt their student out of receiving condoms. However, all students may receive information and referrals to health services.

Condom Availability Program (CAP) Requirements

  • Each school must have at least one trained male and one trained female staff.
  • Parent opt-out letters (see below) must be provided to parents/legal guardians of all new students upon enrollment.
  • A confidential list of all students who have opted-out must be available to all CAP staff. Students will be identified by ID numbers only; names will not be used.
  • Confidentiality is critical to CAP.
  • CAP must be available for at least ten periods a week for the duration of the school year.
  • CAP schedule and locations must be clearly advertised for all students via the student letter and posters.
  • Trusted health referrals must be made available.
  • Health Resource Room(s) must be safe, supportive and inclusive zones for all students.

Information for CAP-trained Staff

CAP Training

See the Office of School Wellness Programs Professional Learning Catalog under “Health Education” to register for upcoming trainings.

Ordering condoms and educational materials

Email from a DOE or DOH email address with “Condom Order Inquiry” in the subject line. Please note: Only staff who have received the CAP training will be able to place an order for condoms.

Condom Availability Program Parent/Guardian Notification Letters

Inform parents and legal guardians of new students about the program using this sample parent letter, printed on your school's letterhead:

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Condom Availability Program Student Notification Letter

Inform students about the program using this student notification letter, printed on your school's letterhead with your principal's name.

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