Social Media Account Tip Sheet

Account Set Up

  • Use your school’s email account
  • Every school has an email account
  • If you don’t know your account, contact the help desk
  • A school admin and a school media point of contact (i.e. Tech SPOC, librarian, tech teacher) should have access to this password
  • Use what other schools are doing as inspiration

About Section

Consider including the following information in the about section.

  • School email
  • School website
  • Identify the page admins/moderators
  • Information about your school
  • Acceptable use
  • Minimum age requirement for engagement

Media Consent


  • Consider types of posts you will publish
  • Consider an editorial calendar of posts
  • Review these tips for engaging members


  • Ensure the guidelines indicate what type of comments are acceptable/unacceptable i.e. engage in respectful dialogue, no promotional posts
  • Understand the commenting settings i.e. turn off, delete, block


  • Use your school logo
  • If the social media site generates the DOE logo automatically, it does not pose a problem


Roles often emerge in effective social media accounts.  Consider who might fulfill the following roles:

  • Nurturers who will always be seen greeting new people
  • Responders who have the urge to comment and make sure everyone’s posts and ideas and contributions are recognized
  • Pushers who can deepen the dialogue with their probing questions
  • Sharers who are always finding a good outside resource to enrich a conversation
  • Monitors who can alert you to any activity that may be of concern

You may want to consider students and family members who could fulfill some of these roles as well.

Schools should set up a social media/marketing committee or advisory. This way everyone is on the same page nothing slips through the cracks.

Guidelines and Policies

Review applicable guidelines and policies

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