Arnhold New Dance Teacher Support Program

The Arnhold Foundation provides a variety of supports for new dance teachers in their first and second years of teaching in New York City public schools. The supports take the forms below:

  • A retired master NYCDOE dance teacher mentors the new teacher through class observations and feedback three times per year
  • New teachers receive a dance instructional tool kit including videotapes, books, dance studio posters, music CDs, and other kinds of dance instructional equipment
  • Schools that have placed a new dance teacher receive a seed fund of $2500 to support the dance instructional program, which may be used for
    guest teaching artists, dance cultural residencies and professional dance performance tickets for students
  • Facilitated intervisitations bring the Arnhold New Dance Teachers to observe a master dance teacher in their school setting and engage in productive discussion about it

For more information, please contact Shirlene Blake, Director of Dance at

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