As the largest school system in the country, we have a major impact on our city's climate goals.

The Office of Energy & Sustainability integrates sustainability into the daily operations of our schools. Working within the Division of School Facilities, we reduce pollution from heat-trapping greenhouse gases and reduce waste in our facilities.

We lead climate education programs for educators and students in all grade levels and subjects. We also show our students, faculty and staff the importance of reducing personal environmental impact. 

To provide the best variety of resources to students, we collaborate with a wide range of organizations and nonprofits to support our students and teachers in making our schools the greenest they can be. 

Our Mission

The Office of Energy & Sustainability drives transformative change in all NYC Public Schools through resources and programs that increase efficiency of facilities, address environmental impacts, and aim to provide all stakeholders with opportunities for action.

Education is integral to our work to deliver purposeful and comprehensive stakeholder engagement, greater climate resiliency, expanded climate literacy, and opportunities for student empowerment to better ensure social equity and a healthy environment for all generations.

Our commitments

  • Improving school buildings by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, maximizing waste diversion and creating green spaces for better learning outcomes and healthy communities.
  • Engaging all schools in an equitable and inclusive way to create positive, lasting changes.
  • Creating meaningful learning experiences for all regardless of prior knowledge—recognizing that systemic change is best accomplished through developing coalitions and communities.
  • Developing new approaches, partnerships, and implementing technologies to drive school facility improvements and address dynamic community needs in a changing climate.

Our Goals

Education Awareness & Engagement 

Support schools, principals and teachers with the resources to integrate climate and sustainability education into curriculum.

Energy Management 

Achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 through various energy efficiency programs that improve building performance. 

Waste Reduction & Recycling

Complete the expansion of Curbside Compost to every NYC public school by the 2023-24 school year.

Gardens and Outdoor Learning 

Promote indoor and outdoor gardening to increase wellness and social-emotional learning.


 We offer a wide range of one-day trainings for all NYC public school staff that will:

  • Introduce you to school sustainability
  • Show you simple and feasible ways to reduce your school’s environmental impacts
  • Offer networking opportunities with other school leaders
  • Connect school facility operations to sustainability goals
  • Provide resources and curriculum from our office and non-profit partners

Our Partners

The Office of Energy & Sustainability works with more than 40 partners who can provide sustainability programming and resources to your school. 

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