Waste Reduction and Recycling

All DOE schools are required to follow the NYC Department of Sanitation’s (DSNY) waste and recycling guidelines.  

Recycling and Waste Procedures 

Cafeteria Recycling Stations

Zero Waste Schools

We have teamed up with DSNY and GrowNYC Zero Waste Schools to launch Zero Waste Schools.  Zero Waste Schools is an innovative program, which started in 2016 with a goal to divert all recyclable and compostable waste from approximately 100 Zero Waste Schools in five years. 

The idea is to have the first 100 schools serve as model for all schools citywide. We will then take what we learned from the first schools including best practices for recycling and organics collection, an eventually implement it into all schools.

Zero Waste Schools is part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vision of sustainability outlined in #OneNYC: The Plan for a Strong and Just City.

Zero Waste Schools Website

Visit the Zero Waste Schools website, to connect with teachers and students around recycling and sustainability in their schools. This interactive website, is a place where you can share ideas among schools and participate in competitions. 

Sign up for the Zero Waste Schools contests and awards and create an account by emailing schools@dsny.nyc.gov.

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