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The New York City Department of Education’s (NYCDOE) International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited School Leadership Coaching program builds the capacity of principals and system-level leaders to become transformational and resourceful coaches. To best serve 1.1 million students, the system leverages these internal coaches to support both school-level and system-level colleagues’ leadership development. Coaching is an inspiring, sustainable approach to school leadership that honors and builds on the capacities of each leader in order to best serve their unique communities now and in the future.

Overview of Coaching

The ICF defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

DOE School Leadership Coaching is a coach-leader job-embedded partnership in a confidential and safe space. It is solutions-focused to support clients’ leadership development toward achieving their leadership goals in the service of their students and school communities.

Who We Are

ELECT: Ed Leadership Executive Coach Team

We are a team of formerly tenured New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) principals. ELECT coaches completed their coach training and earned their ICF credential through the The School Leadership Coaching Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).

Meet the ELECT Team

The Ed Leadership Executive Coaches incorporate racially consciousness, equity centered leadership coaching skills, ICF Core Competencies, and the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders to form an NYCDOE coaching methodology.

Coach Training 

NYCDOE School Leadership Coaching is the only accredited International Coaching Federation coach-training program in a school system in the country. The Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) provides 174 hours racially conscious, equity-centered leadership coach training. Participants earn their ICF coaching credential after completing their training and fulfilling the ICF credentialing requirements.

Cohort Selection Process 

A rigorous three-part selection process includes a qualification and interest application, on-site interviews (either virtual or in-person), and final interviews. Applicant supervisors are also required to confirm their support of the applicant to pursue the credential. Rubrics are implemented at each step and a team of experienced coaches reviews each applicant at each step in the process.

Coach Training Delivery 

Coach training occurs in a cohort model. Most coach-training follows this structure:

  • Synchronous: 15 hours of induction and on-boarding embedded into 3 consecutive days; ~5.5 hours coach-training monthly; ~2 hours of coaching lab practice monthly.
  • Asynchronous: ~0.5 hour monthly 

ICF Requirements

The ICF requires all applicants for an Associate Coach Credential to meet the following requirements:

  • Participate in 60 hours of coach-training (minimum)
  • Participate in 14 hours of coaching-lab (minimum)
  • Coach 8 clients
  • Coach for 100 total hours
  • Participate in 10 hours of mentor coaching 

NYCDOE Expectations 

DOE School Leadership Coaching requires all participants to meet the ICF requirements (above) and be a

  • Current or former tenured school leader (Assistant Principal or Principal)
  • Current DOE employee
  • Honor the ICF Code of Ethics, including confidentiality
  • Honor city and state expectations related to mandated reporting

Coach Training Data

DOE School Leadership Coaching 2014 – July 1, 2021

  • Number Coaches Trained: 47
  • Number of ICF Coach Credentials Earned: 14
  • Testimonials. . .
    • “HUGE impact!! I am a much better listener. I approach things with curiosity rather than judgement. I am slower and more methodical, and thus more intentional. “(former NPS Coaching Fellow coach-trained, now ICF ACC credentialed coach)
    • “I do want to say that this has been the most valuable and impactful training series I have attended in my 26 years in the DOE” former NPS Master Principal Coach
    • “Teaching an old dog like me new tricks is no easy task, but the professional learning around coaching skills and racial equity I engaged in with NPS to prepare me for my work the past two years coaching new principals really sharpened my own principal and leadership skills and also specifically motivated me to tackle long-standing racial equity issues that had been festering in my school over the recent past. . .”

New Principal Support Coaching

New Principal Support (NPS)

Educational Leadership Executive Coaches and Coaches-in-Training provide confidential, non-evaluative leadership coaching to first and second-year principals. The job-embedded coaching meets new principals at their point of need, fosters collaborative professional relationships, and supports leadership development aligned to the PSELs all of which empowers the principals to lead for success.

Coach-Client Options

1:1 coaching: Principals have a coach who provides on-site and virtual job-embedded coaching.

Small group coaching: Principals engage with other principals in small groups facilitated by an ICF Certified Coach.

New Principal Convenings: Periodic convenings specifically focused on new principals’ needs arising from coaches’ experiences and the arc of the principalship. 


DOE School Leadership Coaching 2014 – Present:

  • New Principal Retention:
    • 5 year 90% (2017- Present)
    • 2 year 95% (2019 - Present)
  • New Principal Satisfaction Survey:
    • 96% of NPS coached principals agree or strongly agree that their Coach supports their ability to be solutions focused
    • 95% of NPS coached principals agree or strongly agree that their NPS Coach’s skills and experience are aligned to their specific needs as a principal 
  • Testimonials
    • “Having a coach this year made this work attainable. The principalship is not something that you can be fully prepared for, but my coach made this work understandable for me. I appreciated the visits and the thoughtfulness of my coach.”

Experienced Leader Coaching

Educational Leadership Executive Coaches (ELECT) provide confidential, non-evaluative leadership coaching to experienced school and system-level leaders. ELECT, with a combined total of more than 12,000 coaching hours all of whom are ICF PCC credentialed coaches, focus on our clients goals and the actions necessary to achieve them. 

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