Submit Student Opportunities to the DOE Website

Post information about student programs, events, internships, scholarships, and much more on the Student Opportunities page on the family site. New opportunities are posted every Tuesday by close of business. Additionally, newly submitted opportunities will also appear as a link in the Student Opportunities section of Principals’ Weekly.

Submission Process

Submit announcements to and copy your DOE contact. The deadline is 5pm on the Thursday prior to the upcoming Tuesday in which the announcement will be published. At a minimum, announcements must be submitted four weeks prior to the registration or application deadline (if applicable), or event date. Announcements will be posted no more than four weeks prior to the deadline or event. Ongoing announcements will be posted once per semester and no more than twice per year. Announcements must include the full details in the format below. Should the announcement be missing any information required for submission or not formatted as specified below, the posting process will be delayed.

Submission Format

Visit the Student Opportunities page to see the exact format used for announcements. To communicate the full details of your upcoming opportunity to students, e-mail your announcement in the following format:

School Type: (All, Elementary, Middle, and/or High)
Title: (insert the title of your opportunity)
Deadline: (insert date, e.g. April 27, 2018)
Event: (insert date(s), e.g. April 29-30, 2018, if you do not have an event date, write: Ongoing)
Contact: (insert name and phone number and/or email of the main point of contact; e.g., Jane Doe at

Announcement Summary: (provide a brief paragraph of approximately 75 to 150 words)


All Schools: Attend the Free Student Open House at the Greatest Museum of Art
Registration Deadline: April 29, 2018
Event: April 30, 2018
Contact: Jane Doe at; ext. 1

Come to the Greatest Museum of Art and learn about our upcoming exhibition, The World's Greatest Art of All Time. Hear a curator talk, do an art activity related to the theme, enjoy a snack inspired by the exhibition, and take a tour of the galleries. Learn about free after-school, weekend, school break, and summer programs for students in grades K-12. The event will be held from 4-6pm at 555 West 55 Street.


For your announcement to be considered, follow these guidelines:

  • All announcements must be brief and concise, approximately 75 to 150 words.
  • Include the name and contact information of the primary contact person who can answer students’ questions.
  • Provide basic facts and a website address where students can find more information. Write out all URL or website addresses that you wish to have hyperlinked.
  • Create hyperlinks by describing where and to what students should link to. Don’t make your hyperlink say “click here” or “read more.”
  • The last sentence of the announcement should provide the logistical details, including the location address, time of event, registration/application/RSVP instructions, and costs/fees (if any). If your opportunity requires payment, your announcement must include the monetary costs.

Duration of Announcement on the Webpages and Principals’ Weekly Republishing Policy

Once approved and posted, the announcement will remain posted in accordance with the following three guidelines:

  • If an announcement has a deadline or event date, it will remain posted until the first date (usually the deadline date) expires.
  • If it does not have an expiration date, the announcement will remain posted for four consecutive weeks.
  • Announcements will only be reposted and republished in Principals’ Weekly if notable details associated with the announcement have changed since it was posted initially; e.g., dates, deadlines, contact information, etc. Notifications of these significant changes must be sent to by 5pm on the Thursday prior to the upcoming Tuesday posting/publication date.


For questions, email

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