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The following information is for Transportation Vendors.

For information relevant to all vendors, visit General Information for Vendors.

The Contractor's Manual

Contractors are responsible for understanding and carrying out all of the duties and responsibilities set forth in the Standard Operating Procedures for School Bus Contractors Providing Service under Contracts with the NYCDOE (herein expressed as "Contractor's Manual") and in the applicable contract(s). In the event of a conflict between the Contractor’s Manual and the applicable Contract(s), the applicable Contract(s) shall govern. 

  1. Vehicle Specifications
  2. Driver and Attendant Certification Process & Responsibilities
  3. Violations, Procedures & Assessment of Liquidated Damages
  4. Vehicle Inspection Standards, Maintenance & Safety
  5. Investigations Procedures
  6. Accidents, Emergencies & Other Delays
  7. Routing & Scheduling System
  8. Field Trip Procedures
  9. Picking of Runs

Standard Operating Procedures

Visit the Standard Operating Procedures Modernization Plan page to learn more about the installation and use of equipment/devices and training for the recording, reporting, or transmitting information regarding the location of vehicles and/or students.

Tools & Resources

Maps & Routes

Call Recording & Attendance

Other Applications

NYC Bus Lane Use

Per NYC Traffic Rules, school buses are authorized to use New York City bus lanes when transporting passengers.

  • For the definition of a school bus, see section 4-01(b)
  • For specific bus lane restrictions, see section 4-12(m)

We share this information so that your drivers have every option to reduce traffic delays and ride duration for NYC Students.

How to Support Bus Lane Use

Remind your drivers that school buses with passengers are allowed to use NYC bus lanes, and make sure they are familiar with the rules and definitions above. 

  • Verbally communicate to drivers the legal use of NYC bus lanes by vehicles transporting students
  • Encourage drivers to use NYC bus lanes to reduce traffic delays and ride duration when possible
  • Add the bus lane rules to the training materials you give to new drivers 
  • Add the bus lane rules to the training refresh materials you give to employed drivers 

Working with NYCDOT & NYPD for Success

We engaged the NYPD and NYCDOT to ensure all relevant city agencies share a common understanding about this policy, and to provide school bus vehicle information recorded in our Vehicle System (log-in required) to the NYPD. 

Questions About NYC Bus Lane Use

If you have any questions regarding this policy/information you may contact Darren Johnson at OPT.

Guidance to School Bus Vendors on COVID-19 Procedures

Visit the DOE’s Fall 2022 COVID-19 Guidance.

Mask Policy Updates

Beginning March 7, 2022, face coverings will become optional, indoors and outdoors, on NYC public school grounds and on school buses, for all K-12 students and staff with a few exceptions. While wearing a face covering is no longer be required, anyone who chooses to wear a mask may continue to do so.

NYC Vaccine Mandate

NYC has discontinued the Key to NYC vaccination requirement.

Cleaning & Disinfection 

Effective September 1, 2022, the nightly disinfecting of school buses is no longer required.

Per pre-pandemic requirements, the interior of each vehicle must be cleaned and either swept or vacuumed thoroughly after each route AM/PM run and/or at least once each day. The Contractor shall be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting seats and all safety equipment and accessories as often as necessary for sanitary reasons and to maintain the comfort of passengers. Additionally, the exterior of each vehicle must be washed at least weekly and must be maintained in as clean a condition as possible, weather and other conditions permitting.

School Bus Safety Procedures

Buses will take the following steps:

  • Where practicable and weather permitting, windows will remain open and with the air system on the bus in the non-recirculating mode during transit.
  • Face coverings (masks) are no longer required on school buses.
  • Physical distancing is not required on school buses.

Resources from the NYC Department of Health (DOH)

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