Employment Verification for Pension Purposes

To obtain employment verification for pension purposes:

Current Employees

Current employees use the Payroll Portal to request employment verification for pension purposes. You may request employment verification for pension purposes using the DOE’s Payroll Portal.

Go to the Payroll Portal.

  1. Log into the intranet using your Network ID and Password
  2. Log into the Payroll Portal on the left-hand side by entering the following:
    • Network ID (first part of your email address)
    • Password
    • SSN, or EIS ID, or Empl ID
  3. Click the Sign-in button.
  4. On the left hand side, click Employee Self Service.
  5. Click Employee Records Research.
  6. Click the Create New Request button.

Inactive Employees

Retirees must complete and submit an Employment Records Research Request Form

The form should be submitted to:

NYC Department of Education
Office of Employment Records Research
65 Court Street, Level C
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Note: This paper form is for retirees and inactive employees only. Current employees should use the Payroll Portal.

Please be advised that when completing an Employment Records Research Request Form, you must indicate a start and end date for time frames needed to add to your overall credited service history. You cannot enter "current" in the date end field. In addition, in the "Additional Information/Unique Requests" box, you must enter the retirement system you wish to have these records sent to.

In order to confirm whether your request or correction was received by your retirement system, you may reach out to them directly:

  • BERS: (929) 305-3800
  • TRS: (888) 8-NYC-TRS or (888) 869-2877
  • NYCERS: (347) 643-3000 [NYCERS]
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