Field Trip Procedures

Field trips are a regular part of the Contractor’s work.  Vehicles that are not in use for midday service shall take students (both with and without disabilities) on field trips.


For inquiries concerning field trips, call the Field Trip Office at (718) 392-8855 (or any other telephone number designated by the Director).


The Contractor shall receive notice of a field trip assignment on the Assignment Form.  In most cases, the notice will be mailed at least one week in advance of the scheduled trip; however, in some cases, shorter notice may be given, and some field trip assignment may be scheduled by a combination of telephone, email, and fax.


Schools are asked to confirm the trip with the Contractor one day before the scheduled trip.  If the School does not confirm a trip cancellation, the Contractor should not assume that the trip is canceled.  Liquidated damages will be deducted for any field trip not performed.


During a field trip, the teacher is in charge. Drivers and attendants should be courteous and considerate; they should provide help with Bus Safety Drills if the teachers request help conducting such drills. Link to Mini Bus Safety Drills:


Attendants must accompany field trips, if the Field Trip Assignment Form indicated the need for an attendant or if requested by the Field Trip Office. All Special Ed (SE) routes must include attendant/s.

Tolls and Parking

The teacher must pay all tolls and parking fees if free parking is unavailable.  If two routes to the destination are possible—one requiring a toll(s), and one toll-free, the toll-free route should be chosen, unless the teacher prefers the alternate route with the toll(s). Some vendors are required to pay tolls which will be noted on the field trip form.


Before leaving the school, the lead teacher and the driver should agree on the route to be taken from the school to the trip destination and back to the school.  If they cannot agree on a route, the driver should ask the dispatcher to call the Field Trip Office for a decision.  The driver and teacher must agree on a departure time from the trip destination to arrive back at the school by 1:30 PM before leaving school.


Buses should arrive at the school for the field trip as soon as possible after the last morning drop-off.  Liquidated damages will be assessed for lateness.

If the Teacher and pupils are late returning to the bus for the trip back to school, the driver should call the dispatcher who must call the Field Trip Office.  The Field Trip Office may authorize the driver to return without the teacher and pupils if the lateness interferes with the regular afternoon dismissal schedule.  Teachers risk having field trip privileges withdrawn from their school if they delay the return to the school unnecessarily.

Under no circumstances is a class to be left at the field trip destination without specific authorization from the Field Trip Office.

If there is any indication that the bus will be late for the school’s regular afternoon dismissal because the class has not returned to the bus, the dispatcher must call the schools that will have late pickups, as well as the Field Trip Office.

Liquidated damages that result from an afternoon pickup lateness due to the failure of the field trip class to return to the bus on time may be waived only if the lateness has been reported to the Field Trip Office.

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