Media Consent Form

There are two media consent forms. If a school has any question about which form to use, it should consult with its senior field counsel.

Media Consent Form for DOE Use

Please offer families the option to fill out the Media Consent Form for DOE Use at the beginning of the school year and keep it on file. This form covers school-sponsored or other DOE-sponsored events only. The form covers both recordings of students (for example filming, photo-taking, and audio recording) made by the school or others at the DOE, together with press or others reporting on the event.

The form is also available in the New York City Account Parent Portal.

Third Party Media Consent Form

The Third Party Media Consent Form must be used for events and recordings (for example, filming, photo shoots, audio recordings) that are sponsored or organized by outside organizations and where these organizations will be making recordings of students. These include community based organizations that work with a school, other government agencies that may want to make recordings of students.

Please note that in such cases, forms must be completed, distributed and collected on an event-by-event basis. This form requires the entry of the name of the organization, the purpose of the recording/event, and the specific platforms where student recordings will be posted. Forms must be fully completed to be adequate.

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