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FAMIS Portal

The Financial Accounting Management Information System (FAMIS) Portal is the DOE’s web-based purchasing application that allows users to make purchases from DOE-contracted vendors. Non-public schools use FAMIS to place orders for textbooks, library books, and computer hardware and software with funds received from the New York State Loan Program. In addition, non-public schools use FAMIS to:

  • View spending plans to determine their school’s allocations
  • Look up activity codes
  • Transfer funds from one loan program to another
  • View purchase history
  • Print copies of purchase orders

If your school has previously had access to FAMIS, please note that there have been some modifications made to enhance the FAMIS security system.

This year placing an order in FAMIS will require a two-step process. In addition to your school’s assigned FAMIS ID, used by your school’s designated “initiator” to create an order in the FAMIS Portal, a second FAMIS ID will be required for the principal or building leader to “approve” the order. The principal cannot be the “initiator”.

The school designee, who is the initiator should update the FAMIS portal profile with his/her current e-mail address. The e-mail address indicated should also be the email address used by the initiator when accessing the ShopDOE planning portal.

Schools that previously had a four digit numeric DOE location code will now have a four character alpha code for a DOE location code. You will see your new four character alpha code upon signing into the FAMIS portal. Please be sure to use your new alpha code assigned to your school on all documents, correspondence and inquiries pertaining to FAMIS issues. The alpha code will be populated on all purchase orders generated in FAMIS and will reflect your school’s delivery address.

If your school has not participated in NYSTL before and now wishes to do so, please send a letter of interest to nps@schools.nyc.gov . Please include your school’s name, address, BEDS number and principal’s name and contact information.

If you need help logging into FAMIS, please read our FAMIS Portal Instructions for Non-Public Schools. All principals or building leaders who are “approvers” will need to create a “Signature” in the approval box to approve an order. Please refer to NPS How to Approve or Reject a PO in FAMIS (Rev. 7/19). Should you need help navigating while within FAMIS, please view the FAMIS Guide, NPS How to Approve or Reject a PO in FAMIS (Rev. 7/19) or contact the DOE’s Finance Service Center: (718) 935-5000 / email clientservices@schools.nyc.gov .

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