DOE Accounts for CBO Partners

This page provides guidance on how schools that are partnering with a community based organization (CBO) during remote learning can grant CBO partners access to DOE remote learning platforms. Note that “CBO partner” refers to any CBO staff person that is working with a school during remote learning. 

The DOE will give CBO partners external service provider account credentials (an email address and password) that they can use to sign in to DOE instances of:

  • Google Classroom
  • The InfoHub
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft O365

Important: if your school uses its own G Suite domain, you or your Google administrator must grant them access to your domain. See your Google administrator for more information. 

Instructions for Granting Access to a CBO Partner

Request an account

  1. Go to Galaxy.
  2. Go to your Table of Organization.
  3. Click “Add Item” (some users may see “New Item”. It functions the same).
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and select “People Not on Budget”.
  5. A popup will appear. Enter the following info for your CBO partner:
    • First and last name,
    • Social secu rity number, and
    • Assignment (select CBO Partner from the drop-down menu)
  6. Click Save.
  7. The CBO partner’s name should appear in your People Not on Budget subcategory.
  8. A popup will appear saying “Person is not authorized to work in this position”. This is normal.
  9. If the CBO partner already has DOE security clearance (PETS clearance), then it will take approximately 72 hours for an account to be created. Once the account has been created, the popup described in step 8 will disappear. If the CBO partner does not have DOE security clearance, entering them into Galaxy will initiate a security review.

Retrieve and Share Account Credentials

  1. 72 hours or so after making your request, check Galaxy again.
  2. Click the person icon next to the CBO partner’s name.
  3. A popup will appear. Click “View DOE Email Address”.
  4. You will be shown their email address and employee ID number.
  5. Provide your CBO partner with their email address and employee ID number.

Activate the Account

The CBO partner must activate their account by creating a password. To do this, they must:

  1. Go to the DOE Password and Profile Management portal.
  2. Sign in with their credentials.
  3. Follow all prompts.
  4. If they have trouble, they can call the DOE Service Desk at 718-935-4611.

Annual Recertification

Each year you must certify, in your PNOB section of your Table of Organization, that the CBO partner is still working at your school and should not be removed from your Table of Organization.

Getting Started Using DOE Platforms

Once your CBO partner has their credentials, then can begin accessing the DOE instances of Google Classroom, Microsoft Office, and Zoom. For more information on how to get started, they can visit the Teach from Home Technology page.

Get Help

If you need help, please open a ticket with the DOE Service Desk or call 718-935-5100.

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