Provide NYC 3-K and Pre-K for All 

“Building on our work to make full-day, high-quality Pre-K for All a reality, 3-K for All will ease the financial burden on parents and give our littlest New Yorkers an invaluable head-start in life.”

-Mayor Bill de Blasio

What Does it Mean to Be a 3-K & Pre-K For All Provider?

  • Provide programming for 6 hours 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 180 days.
  • Offer a program that is free to all students.
  • Create and maintain a high-quality program for children and families including:
    • Positive Classroom Environment
    • Family Engagement
    • Curriculum
    • Assessment

Becoming a 3-K & Pre-K for All Provider: First Year at a Glance

  1. Proposal Preparation & Submission: Summer 2018
    • Register for an account in HHS Accelerator.
    • Pre-qualify your HHS Accelerator account in a service you provide.
    • Use HHS Accelerator to access the Division of Early Childhood Education’s 3-K & Pre-K for All Request for Proposals (RFP).
    • Check the eligibility of your proposed program, and if eligible, craft a proposal that best reflects your proposed program.
    • Submit your proposal and all required documentation through HHS Accelerator before the close of the RFP.
  2. Proposal Evaluation: Fall 2018 and Winter 2018-19
    • The Division of Early Childhood Education launches into the evaluation of your proposal(s).
    • Await award determinations and additional announcements.
  3. Pre-Opening Readiness Support: Winter 2019 to Summer 2019
    • New 3-K & Pre-K for All providers receive instructional and operational support in launching their program(s).
    • Supports include: centralized enrollment, site readiness, instructional support, family engagement, and operational guidance.
  4. Post-Opening Support: September 2019 and beyond
    • 3-K & Pre-K for All providers continue to be supported in operating high-quality programs.
    • Supports include: targeted professional development, program assessment, and operations compliance assistance.

If you have any questions about the RFP, please reach out to the Division of Early Childhood Education at

Submitting an RFP Proposal

The City of New York is working to expand early education services to three-year-olds across New York City through the 3-K for All initiative, in addition to continuing to implement Pre-K for All services for four-year-olds. Together, 3-K & Pre-K for All are part of a larger effort to strengthen birth-to-five education across the City, creating consistent free, high-quality options for students and families. 

We are seeking eligible providers interested in partnering with the New York City Department of Education to provide free, full-day, high-quality 3-K & Pre-K for All services in the following community school districts starting in the 2019-2020 school year:

  • District 4 (East Harlem)
  • District 5 (Harlem)
  • District 6 (Washington Heights)
  • District 7 (South Bronx
  • District 9 (Highbridge, University Heights)
  • District 16 (Bedford-Stuyvesant)
  • District 19 (East New York)
  • District 23 (Brownsville, East New York, Ocean Hill, Brooklyn)
  • District 27 (Rockaways, Howard Beach, Broad Channel)
  • District 31 (Staten Island)

We encourage you to learn more about your eligibility to submit a proposal to this RFP by registering and pre-qualifying in HHS Accelerator, and carefully reviewing Section 1(D) – “Eligibility: Demand and Permitting” of the RFP. Please use the City’s Geographic Online Address Translator (GOAT) website to confirm that your proposed site is located within an eligible community school district before beginning a proposal in response to this RFP.

We also ask all interested providers to carefully review document submission guidelines and all deadlines as set forth in the RFP through HHS Accelerator. Providers should be aware that time required to complete the proposal submission process can be significant. It is strongly recommended that you complete and submit your proposal at least 24 hours in advance of the Proposal Due Date and Time posted in the HHS Accelerator system.

Please email with questions or to sign up to receive email updates about current and future RFP opportunities.

Please note that providers already contracted with the DOE to provide full-day services at a current site (either pre-K or 3-K) during the 2019-20 school year do not need to apply to this RFP, and should instead reach out to with any programming questions. 

If you are a current DOE-contracted half-day pre-K provider located in one of the ten eligible community school districts, you are required to submit a proposal to this RFP if you wish to add full-day 3-K or 3-K & Pre-K for All services to your site, whether in addition to or in place of your current half-day seats.  

EarlyLearn and Direct Head Start providers are eligible to submit proposals to this RFP if one or more classrooms at the proposed location are vacant and not contracted for EarlyLearn or Direct Head Start services during the 2019-2020 school year.

Current providers looking to open a new site with 3-K (or both 3-K and pre-K) services in one of the districts listed below will need to submit a proposal through this RFP.

All proposers should closely review RFP Section 1(C) – “Eligibility & Program Type” to ensure that their proposed program and location is eligible through the RFP.

DECE RFP Information Sessions

The Division of Early Childhood Education (DECE) will be hosting a pre-proposal conference on Thursday, September 13, 2018 as an opportunity for potential providers to ask any questions that arise while working through proposals. We invite you to bring questions and join us as we look to support you in this process. This conference is open to all interested providers. The conference details are below.

RFP Pre-Proposal Conference Details

Thursday, September 13, 2018
Spruce Street School Auditorium
12 Spruce Street, New York, NY 10038
4:00 - 6:00 PM

Attend Information Sessions

We also encourage providers considering submitting a proposal to this RFP to attend one of our upcoming information sessions. These in-person sessions are hosted by DOE representatives and provide additional details on how to apply to this RFP, eligibility, and what it means to be a 3-K & Pre-K for All provider. Mayor's Office of Contract Services (MOCS) representatives are also present at these sessions in order to provide introductory level information on the HHS Accelerator system and how to submit a proposal.

Potential 3K & Pre-K for All providers are permitted to attend any session listed below. While information sessions are organized by borough, it is not necessary for your proposed site to be located in the borough of the information session you wish to attend. Below is a list of dates and locations, as well as links to register for upcoming sessions. The same information is presented at each session. Please note that registration is required.

You may email with questions regarding information sessions.

3-K & Pre-K for All RFP Information Session (Staten Island)
Hosted by DOE and MOCS
Thursday, August 16th, 2018
1:00PM – 4:00PM
715 Ocean Terrace, Staten Island NY 10301
Conference Room H-102
RSVP now

3-K & Pre-K for All RFP Information Session (Bronx)
Hosted by DOE and MOCS
Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018
1:00PM – 4:00PM
1 Fordham Plaza, Bronx, NY, 10458
Conference Room 853
RSVP now

3-K & Pre-K for All RFP Information Session (Brooklyn)
Hosted by DOE and MOCS
Friday, August 24th, 2018
1:00PM – 4:00PM
65 Court St., Brooklyn, NY 11201
17th flr - Conference Room 1703
RSVP now

3-K & Pre-K for All RFP Information Session (Queens)
Hosted by DOE & MOCS
Thursday, August 30th, 2018
10:00AM – 1:00PM
44-36 Vernon Blvd., Long Island City, NY 11101
6th Floor Room 604
RSVP now

HHS Accelerator System Support

In order to view and submit a proposal in response to an RFP, your organization must have an account and become prequalified in the HHS Accelerator system. If your organization is not already prequalified in HHS Accelerator, we encourage you to take this step as soon as possible.

Please be advised that becoming prequalified on HHS Accelerator will only allow you to view the RFP and submit a proposal. Becoming prequalified does not mean you have successfully submitted a Pre-K and/or 3-K for All proposal.

How to Create an HHS Accelerator Account

Follow these steps to create an HHS Accelerator account and submit a prequalification application:

  1. Create an Account – Account Creation and Adding Users Checklist
  2. Get Prequalified – Prequalification Checklist and Resources and FAQs

Once you are prequalified through HHS Accelerator, you will automatically be notified when the next RFP becomes available. 

If you have any questions about creating an HHS Accelerator account or completing the prequalification application, please reach out to the HHS Accelerator help desk at

You may also wish to register to attend one of the below-listed upcoming HHS Accelerator Support Sessions. Please note that these sessions are hosted by MOCS and that DOE representatives will not be present at these sessions. These sessions are best for providers who would like detailed guidance in navigating the HHS Accelerator system.

Getting Prequalified in HHS Accelerator
Hosted by MOCS
Wednesday, August 22, 2018
9:30AM -- 10:30AM
Online Session
RSVP now

Competing for Funding in HHS Accelerator
Hosted by MOCS
Tuesday, September 4, 2018
9:30AM -- 10:30AM
Online Session
RSVP now

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