Resources for Charter Schools

Charter Information Portal (ChIP)

Users must have their unique (non-DOE) login credentials to access the portal. The portal allows users to:

  • Update key contacts
  • Add people to the Charter School Weekly subscription list
  • Submit key documents
  • Review all information (phone numbers, board members, etc.) the NYCDOE has on file for your charter
  • Coming soon: Automatically update key information for your charter's Find a School page

NYC Charter Schools SharePoint

Resources located on the New York City Charter Schools SharePoint are designed to connect charter school administrators, staff and stakeholders with resources and information needed for operating charter schools.

Charter stakeholders must possess a Department of Education email address. To obtain access, principals and operations staff should contact:

Sampling of Resources:

  • Charter Schools Weekly
  • Professional Development Calendar
  • Board Resources
  • Financial Resources
  • DOE Authorized Resources
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