Shop DOE Security Procedures

ShopDOE Purchasing Planning Portal

ShopDOE is a purchasing planning portal that allows users (including non-public schools) to browse a catalog of products and services offered by DOE contracted vendors. The portal, which has the same state-of-the-art search capabilities found on many online retail sites, now allows non-public school staff the ability to proceed directly to checkout and thereby place their orders directly through FAMIS. (When ordering computer hardware desktops, laptops/notebooks or printers you will continue to order directly through the FAMIS Portal using the hardware e-catalog.)

Get Started

Sign Up To get started you will need to first create a new account by signing in initially as a “new user” with your own personal email address or that of your school. You may use your previous email address as long as you register (the first time) for a new account.

Universal Search, Images and Product Information

You will continue to be able to browse a large selection of books, computer/audio-visual hardware equipment, software and media available at DOE contracted prices by using the search box to search the entire catalog of products. View images and additional product information in the “Books, Electronics and Software & Media” catalogs to make informed purchasing decisions.

Save and Share

Shopping carts can be saved for future use and they can be shared with the person at your school who is responsible for placing orders as PDF or Excel files.

Request: Once you complete shopping, send your shopping cart to the person at your school who is responsible for placing orders for approval with one simple click. To help you navigate this process of placing your order directly into FAMIS, you can refer to the DOE: Procurement video or contact us for assistance.

New SHOPDOE Security Procedures

  • NYCDOE has implemented a new process to provide access for nonpublic schools to ShopDOE and improve the security of the system. As of Saturday, September 17, 2022, all users other than the school leader with level 200 access have been removed from Shop DOE. In order to add level 100 (request goods only) users, level 200 in each nonpublic school will need to follow the user guide on how to obtain access to Shop DOE. All requests to ShopDOE must be made by the nonpublic school leaders or to whom the school leaders assigned with a level 200 FAMIS access profile. 
  • If you need further assistance with account creation or passwords, please reach out to Please be sure to provide your DOE alpha location code and BEDS number on all inquiries.
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