Special Education Remote Learning Plan Guidance

Updated May 6, 2020 

The Special Education Remote Learning Plan, available in SESIS, is used to document the services that are being delivered remotely to the student.

Each K-12 student enrolled in a DOE school should have had a Remote Learning Plan in place and provided to the student’s parent by April 8, 2020. The Special Education Remote Learning Plan is a living document that should be adjusted over time based on what teachers, related service providers, families, and students learn through this experience with remote learning, teletherapy and related services, and after consultations with the family. If the student has an existing Remote Learning Plan that has not yet been discussed with the parent, the parent must be contacted to discuss how the current programs and services are being delivered remotely and to understand any concerns the parent may have. When considering adjustments and changes to the student’s Remote Learning Plan, discuss the student’s needs and any proposed changes to the plan with the parent to ensure they have meaningful input into how their child's special education programs and services will be provided during this period of remote learning. The Special Education Remote Learning Plan can be revised in SESIS. 

This page will provide guidance on:

  • How to upload a Remote Learning Plan created outside of SESIS
  • How to create a new Remote Learning Plan in SESIS for a student with an IEP or for a student newly identified as having a disability
  • How to revise a Remote Learning Plan, whether it was created outside of SESIS or created in SESIS 

Uploading a Previously Completed Form 

If the prior (non-SESIS) form has already been completed but has not yet been uploaded to SESIS, the school should upload the form as soon as possible as a Document Related to IEP and title the form “Remote Learning Plan”. The school should also ensure that all steps outlined above regarding parent outreach/consultation and providing the completed plan to the parent have been completed. 

Completing the Remote Learning Plan in SESIS for a Student with an IEP who Does Not Already Have a Remote Learning Plan 

A Special Education Remote Learning Plan must be completed for each student with an IEP. If no Remote Learning Plan has been created or provided to the parent, one must be completed (including the parent’s input) and provided and discussed with the parent as soon as possible.

The student’s IEP team case manager (a special education teacher or, for students recommended to receive related services only, the related service provider) has primary responsibility for ensuring that this form reflects the services that the student is currently receiving and that the plan is created with input from the student’s family. 

Before completing this form, the student’s IEP case manager should: 

  • Refer to the student’s IEP to consider the student’s current recommendations and areas of need during the school closure.
  • Discuss the student’s remote learning, teletherapy and related service needs with the parent. During this discussion:
    • Confirm that the parent has discussed their child’s related service needs with the related service provider.
    • Discuss the student’s needs with the parent relating to remote instruction, teletherapy and related services. Consider the parent’s input regarding the student’s needs; strategies that are and are not working through remote instruction, teletherapy, and remote delivery of related services; the student’s tolerance for screen-time; among other things.
    • If the speech, occupational therapy or physical therapy provider has determined that the student can benefit from teletherapy, and the family has not yet consented orally to services, remind parent that services cannot be provided until the parent has provided consent.
    • Parents have the right to decline teletherapy or other services. If parents exercise that right to decline certain services, document the declination in the SESIS Events Log. If they decline via email, upload the email to SESIS.
  • If the student requires assistive technology and/or additional classroom tools, confirm whether the family has the needed materials at home. (If the student requires Assistive Technology and does not already have it in their home, email CATTeam@schools.nyc.gov for guidance.)
  • Inform the provider of each related service on the student’s IEP that the student’s plan is available in SESIS.
  • Request that the providers enter the required information about services being provided remotely to the student in the Remote Special Education and Related Services section of the plan. 

The completed Special Education Remote Learning Plan should be: 

  • Finalized by the student’s IEP case manager within SESIS; and
  • Provided to the parent electronically (e.g., by emailing a PDF of the plan or screenshot to the parent’s phone). 

Completing the Remote Learning Plan in SESIS for a Student Newly Identified as Having a Disability 

At the student’s initial (non-T5) IEP meeting, the IEP team should inform the family that a Remote Learning Plan will later be created, with their input, once the placement has been made and/or provider(s) identified.

As soon as providers have been identified to serve the student remotely, the teacher/provider(s) should make outreach to the parent to discuss the programs and services that will be provided remotely. The teacher/provider(s) should follow the steps outlined above. 

Revising a Remote Learning Plan, Whether Created Outside of SESIS or in SESIS 

Any decisions to revise a Remote Learning Plan should be made collaboratively in discussion with the student’s family and include the parent’s input into the plan. 

If the student’s current plan was created outside of SESIS and uploaded into SESIS, and the programs/services reflected on that plan need to be revised, the school should create a Remote Learning Plan in SESIS. This plan should include all of the student’s remote program and services – both those that have been revised and those that have remained the same. 

When a program or service in a Remote Learning Plan created in SESIS needs to be revised, the relevant teacher and/or service provider(s) should enter the revision(s) in SESIS.

Any time a Remote Learning Plan is changed, the teacher/provider making the change must contact the other staff members providing services to the student to inform them of the change and determine who will send the revised plan to the parent or caregiver. 

Language Access and Contacting Parents 

Interpretation must be made available when contacting a parent whose preferred language is other than English to discuss the Special Education Remote Learning Plan. Contact your school’s Language Access Coordinator for additional guidance or visit the Translation & Interpretation Unit’s InfoHub for additional guidance. 

For additional questions, please contact your BCO administrator of special education (ASE).


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