City Department of Investigation Forms

All managers and some other individuals are required by Chancellor's Regulation C-115 to undergo an additional, more complete background check managed by the City Department of Investigation (DOI). If you are subject to the DOI background check, you will fill out DOI forms as part of your initial on-boarding package.

These forms are to be hand delivered within (45) days of notification to the Civil Service Management Unit at 65 Court Street, Room 102 (Office #16), Brooklyn, NY.  Upon arrival, you will be given envelopes in which to place your confidential and non-confidential documents.

Please note that failure to submit the background questionnaire and authorizations required by this regulation, or to receive clearance by the New York City Department of Investigations, shall constitute grounds for denial of appointment, assignment or promotion to the affected position; or if employment in the position has already commenced, shall constitute grounds for termination of service.


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