Government-to-Government Purchases

Below are links for Notices of Intent for contracts and services the New York City Department of Education intends to purchase from a government agency.

Public Notification Of Intent To Contract – Government-To-Government

Minor Procedure Violations (MPV)

Determination to Ratify Minor Procedure Violations – Prior to Registration of Contract; Government to Government Agreement with Eastern Suffolk BOCES

On October 29, 2021, pursuant to Section 1-03(g)(1)(ii) of the New York City Department of Education (“DOE”) Procurement Policy and Procedures (“PPP”), the Director and City Chief Procurement Officer of the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services (“Director and City Chief”) ratified a minor procedures violation request made on October 29, 2021 by the DOE in connection to the Government to Government agreement with Eastern Suffolk BOCES for the provision of services necessary to collect accountability data from New York City charter schools, as required by the New York State Education Department. The DOE and the Director and City Chief determined that the minor violation, which occurred with regard to an error made in complying with Section 3-14(d)(1) of the PPP, resulted in no adverse impact, the ratification of the agreement is in the best interest of the DOE and will not violate any law applicable to the procurement process.

Vendor: Eastern Suffolk BOCES

Anticipated Contract Value: $3,363,253.72

Duration of the Contract: 9/1/2021 – 8/31/2026

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