Impartial Hearings Office

The New York City Department of Education promotes the participation of parents, families, and communities in the education of children with special needs. There may be times when a parent or guardian (herein referred to as parent) will have a concern related to his or her child's education and the services offered by the Department. If this concern cannot be resolved between the district and the parent, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act provides parents with several means to address special education concerns, including by requesting a due process hearing and/or requesting a mediation

The Impartial Hearing Office's role is to timely and efficiently process hearing requests so issues can be resolved and the educational needs of the child met. Issues raised at hearings include - but are not limited to - evaluation, educational placement, or provision of a free appropriate public education to children with disabilities (ages 3-21).

For questions about an impartial hearing order that has been issued, please contact the Impartial Hearing Order Implementation Unit.

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