Campus District-Charter Partnerships


Campus District-Charter Partnerships (Campus DCP) is led by the Office of Campus Governance and is designed to build positive and collaborative environments on campuses where district and charter schools share a building. Through Campus DCP, co-located schools work to build community, engage stakeholders, and develop the structures to share strong instructional practices between schools.


The goal of Campus DCP is to improve student outcomes by supporting members of co-located district and charter schools to strengthen instruction and campus culture.

Campus DCP aims to strengthen instruction in all partner schools by establishing Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) that engage in the collaborative exploration of instructional practices and the exchange of ideas. This work is customized to each campus community and may take place in various forms, including:

  • Campus learning walks
  • Teacher intervisitations
  • Explorations of problems of practice
  • Shared professional development
  • Book studies

Campus DCP aims to improve campus culture by opening channels of communication and structures for dialogue between schools and by working with school teams to create opportunities for cross-school staff relationship building, student interaction, and family engagement.


Each participating school on an existing campus chooses an administrator (Principal/Assistant Principal/Director of Operations) and two or three team members to sit on the Campus DCP Campus Planning Team. A Campus DCP director provides support to campuses in the following ways: 

  • Visits and meets with campus teams bi-weekly to craft and implement action plans 
  • Meets monthly with school leadership teams to manage implementation and facilitate additional sharing of best practices at the leadership level 
  • Acts as a liaison to source relevant professional development 
  • Contracts with community-based organizations to provide support for families and students
  • Assists with financial matters (i.e. procurement and compensation for team participants)              
For more information, please contact the Director of Campus DCP, Ivan Cohen, at
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