Language Resources

Language Access Kit

Every fall, schools receive a Language Access Kit that contains the following items:

For additional kits, please contact your district’s Field Language Access Coordinator.

Additional Language Access Resources

The following are additional resources that can be used at your school:

Language Access Training Materials and Best Practices

Training materials:

Best Practices:

To schedule training dates, please contact your district’s Field language Access Coordinator.

Translation and Interpretation School-based Funding

The School Allocation Memorandum (SAM) details the amount your school receives every year and how your school can use the funds to procure language support to connect with families who communicate in languages other than English.

Resources for Bilingual DOE Staff

Resources for DOE staff who translate materials or interpret at meeting:

Foreign-language style guides

Arabic Bengali | Chinese | French Haitian Creole | Korean Russian Spanish Urdu

Bilingual glossaries

Spanish Chinese

NYSED bilingual glossaries for teachers and students

See pages at NYU's Steinhardt school.

Translated Individualized Education Program (IEP) templates

Arabic | Bengali Chinese | French | English | Haitian Creole | Korean | Russian | Spanish | Urdu | Albanian Fulani | Pashto | Polish | Punjabi | Tajik | Uzbek | Yiddish

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