Cultural Pass Program for School Leaders

The Cultural Pass is a valuable tool that will open many doors for School Leaders; in turn, influencing teachers, students, and their families. The institutions participating in the Cultural Pass Program for School Leaders have education programs and materials to support and enrich teaching and learning in schools in all areas. They exemplify the best work in art, music, dance, and theater, and provide authentic and active learning experiences for students.

We encourage cultural pass holders to explore the treasures of New York City. The more you use your Cultural Pass, the more you will bring back the riches of New York City to your schools. You can also view the list of participating organizations in 2022-23.


The 2022-2023 application period for Cultural Passes is now closed. Unfortunately, due to the large number of applications we receive for the Cultural Pass program, we are unable to accept applications outside of this application window.

If you have any questions, please e-mail


What is the Cultural Pass Program for School Leaders?

The Cultural Pass Program for School Leaders was created to stimulate NYC public school leaders' interest in the cultural resources of our city. Members are provided with a Cultural Pass sticker to go on the NYC DOE identification (ID) card that allows complimentary or significantly discounted access to participating arts and cultural institutions across the city. We believe these opportunities will lead to many more students and teachers making use of the rich arts and cultural opportunities of our city to advance teaching and learning in all subjects.

Where can I find a list of participating arts and cultural institutions?

See above to view and download the most current list of participating arts and cultural institutions.

How do I obtain a sticker?

You may request a new/replacement card during the open registration period.

What is the expected turnaround time for receiving a new or replacement pass or a renewal sticker?

Stickers requested through the online survey will be mailed to schools. Our office processes requests all together after the deadline, not on a rolling basis. New stickers cannot be processed outside of the open registration period.

Who is eligible for a Cultural Pass?

Cultural Passes are available only to Superintendents, Principals, Assistant Principals, and designated Arts Education Liaisons. Unfortunately, the pass is not available to teachers, retired school leaders, or parents.

Can I share my pass with family, friends, or colleagues?

The Cultural Pass sticker is exclusive to the individual whose photograph is on the card and cannot be transferred.

I tried to visit a cultural organization/institution, but my Cultural Pass was not honored. What do I do?

Please review the most current Cultural Pass listing to ensure that the organization/institution is participating for this school year. The list of participating organizations/institutions is updated regularly. Please check your Cultural Pass to ensure that it is valid for the current school year. If the organization or institution is an active participant and your pass is valid, please e-mail us at to report the incident so that our office can follow up with the organization/institution.

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