Transportation Resources for Public Schools

When to Contact your Transportation Liaison

Your borough/citywide office’s transportation liaison is your source of support for busing, MetroCard, student eligibility, field trips, and other transportation topics. Your borough/citywide office also provides transportation professional development for school staff responsible for transportation.

Contact your Borough/Citywide Transportation Liaison for:

  • Application access & training
  • Bus is arriving late to school
  • Bus is overloaded
  • Field trips
  • Student eligibility check
  • Help with MetroCard inventory
  • Help with entering bus stop or MetroCard information
  • Issues with the driver and/or attendant
  • Session-time assistance

Contact Information for Transportation Liaisons 

Find more Borough/Citywide office contacts. 

When to Contact a Bus Company​

Contact a bus company for:

  • A bus has not arrived at school before session start or end time
  • To get an estimated pick-up or drop-off time for a specific student

When to Contact the Office of Pupil Transportation

Call OPT's customer service center at 718-392-8855 for any of the following:

  • A bus has not arrived at school before session start or end time
  • A bus equipment malfunction
  • A child is placed on a wrong bus
  • To request a change to a route
  • To report an accident or that a student hurts themselves
  • To report an issue with a driver, attendant, bus company, parent, and/or student​

Follow the DOE’s protocol for when a child goes missing .

For emergencies, always contact 911.

School Session Times

  • Each spring, the principal determines the school’s schedule for the coming year (in alignment with contractual obligations and NYSED minimum instructional time requirements). Changes to the schedule that deviate from the traditional contractual requirements require a vote via the School-Based Option (SBO) process. See the Session Time Memo for more information.
  • The school’s schedule is submitted to OPT via the Session Time Application. Prior to routing, it is reviewed and approved by the DOE and UFT. 
  • Students are bused according to each school’s established session times. Busing is not provided for afterschool and extracurricular programs.
  • Once a school’s overarching session times and contractual work day schedules are established in the Session Time Application, students must be programmed for all instructional time in the STARS suite of applications. For more information, see the Elementary, Middle, or High School Academic Policy Guides.
  • Schools may choose to extend their school day beyond the required hours with the help of community-based organizations/non-profits and special grant opportunities; however, schools must deliver their mandated instruction and services, including for English language learners and the IEP-recommended program and related services for students with disabilities, during the regular, mandated school day.
  • Any requests to change a session time made during the school year will be reviewed in the order that they are received; however requests that affect bus routing may not be able to be accommodated.
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