Transportation Resources for Preschool Busing

When to Contact your Program’s Office

The following Early Childhood program offices provide preschool programs with transportation information and support:

Contact your program’s Committee on Preschool Special Education office or Early Intervention regional office when:

  • Your site needs to know if an adult has been approved to accompany a child
  • A child is not showing in the Pre-K/EI Rider System

When to Contact a Bus Company​

Contact a bus company for:

  • The bus is overloaded
  • A copy of route ridership is needed
  • A child's bus route information; including bus company name or phone number, pick-up/drop off location, sequence, start date, etc.
  • To get the specific location of a bus
  • To get an estimated pick-up or drop-off time for a specific student
  • A bus has not arrived at school before session start or end time

When to Contact the Office of Pupil Transportation

Call OPT's customer service center at 718-392-8855 for any of the following:

  • Application access & training
  • Bus is arriving late to school
  • Bus has not arrived for pick-up after the school day has started
  • Child left at school
  • Issue with a driver, attendant, bus company, parent and/or student 
  • A child is riding beyond the recommended guidelines
  • A child was injured on the bus
  • A child was placed on the wrong bus
  • Reporting an accident or students hurts themself

For emergencies, always contact 911.

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